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Top Paying Jobs for High School Grads

Doris Benitez
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High five, my friend! You’re officially a high school grad. Congratulations ✨✨👏🏻

Making big plans for the future? If you have no experience or no qualification, no worries! 

Pssst..don’t worry about high living costs as you could live rent-free in New York.

Here are the top paying jobs for high school graduates:

Delivery Driver

Median salary: $45,000/year

Training: Valid USA Driver’s License

Got a bike 🚲, car🚗 or scooter🚚 and a smartphone? It’s all good if you don’t have your own ride – what you really need is your own smartphone to become a high rolling, kick-ass delivery driver.

Check out job boards like JOB TODAY where a number of high paying delivery driver jobs are posted regularly💵

Sales Executive

Median salary: $50,000

Training: On-the-job/prior experience

If you can sell ice❄️to an eskimo, you have what it takes to become a successful salesperson! Start off as an internee or as a sales assistant and work your way up the career ladder. Before you know it, you could be earning approximately $25/hour. Use your amazing persuasive skills to charm your customer and close those deals.

Enjoy meeting new people👫? Then, a sales job is right up your alley! With some time and experience, you’ll become a master seller and double your commissions 💵💵 as this is a top paying job for high school grads.

Customer Service

Median salary: $56,000

Training: High school diploma/on-the-job training

Know how to get to your happy place👼 in stressful moments and never lose your cool? Buddy, you were born to be a customer support specialist. This is a great top paying job for a high school graduate. Play your cards right and you could become top dog 🐶 earning top dollar. How does $30/hour sound to you? Not bad, eh?

Even if you have no qualification or no experience in a customer service job, you can still benefit from on-the-job training.

Whoops😱,don’t have your resume ready? Smile 😀, there is a solution! You can still design an awesome resume with zero experience.


Median salary: $76,000

Training: On the job

If you’re a fast learner😎(hey, slow and steady wins the race too!) and like to work with your hands, the field of construction could be your calling.

Whether you’re a construction worker, an HVAC technician or a diesel mechanic, you could make $25-40 hourly. Work hard, be true to your work and earn the trust of your manager who will support your career growth.

Job-hunting can be mentally exhausting. Remember, there are ways to manage stress whilst job-hunting.

Once you land a top paying job, you’ll rest easy knowing that a steady pay check is coming in. If you want to increase your chances of finding a job in 24 hours, download the JOB TODAY app and start applying. You’ll know the status of your job application as you can ping employers to ask. Send a direct message to hiring managers to let them know how you would make an incredible asset to their team. It’s time you live the good life as a NYC millennial

We know you got this!

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