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40 Signs You’re a Born Artist

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 5 min

When you look up at the clouds, what do you see?

Just clouds or a fascinating array of shapes that come together in your mind to form cotton candy, an elephant’s trunk or a man steering a flying horse?

If it isn’t just clouds that you see – then your creative mind peers deep into the beauty of things. Now, what does that mean?

That you’re a natural born artist. 

Here are 39 more signs to show you were born with an artist’s soul:

39. You adore inhaling the smell of ink and permanent markers

38. You’re obsessed with buying new paint brushes – not makeup brushes!

37. You see sculptural potential in a pile of plain old mud

36. You understand the workings of mathematical geometry through the diverse patterns of different snowflakes

35. Your backpack has no space for your textbook as it’s overflowing with drawing notebooks and colour pencils instead

34. Most of your wardrobe is covered in paint stains – or what you see as the labour of your love

33. You’re so busy daydreaming about your next great work that you don’t hear your mother calling you for dinner

32. You’re not worried about your next meal as long as you have cash to buy your paint equipment

31. You still love your childhood box of Crayola crayons

30. Your favourite childhood pastime was drawing on walls

29. You’re willing to sacrifice your sleep just to get up a couple of hours earlier to get some painting time in before your classes

28. You’re always searching for free art galleries where you can go and lose yourself in the world of art

27. When you meet a fellow lover of art, you feel you’ve found a kindred spirit

26. When you’re inspired and in your work zone, hours can pass by without you realizing

25. You’ve used your eye makeup as paint on your canvases

24. You can’t bear to waste empty, blank paper and never throw it away

23. You’d rather use your multi-coloured pasta to create shapes than eat it

22. When you hear music, you start visualizing the kaleidoscopic patterns it would create on paper with its crescendos and diminuendos.

21. Nothing excites you more than to experiment painting in different styles

20. You enjoy the entire journey from starting to finishing a new project

19. Your favorite course is art history as you seek inspiration from the greats who came before you

18. You’re inspired by not only human shadows but by those created in nature

17. You always request extra tissues at the restaurant because you might need to draw on them – as your sketchbook is already full of ideas

16. You perceive trash materials as an opportunity to create something beautiful

15. Your room and your studio are filled with random objects that you love to collect for inspiration

14. You’re a little shy in showcasing your own work but shower fellow artists with praise and encouragement

13. Your friends adore your presents as you create them yourself and put in a lot of thought into them

12. You’re sensitive to your surroundings and in tune with your own inner emotions

11. You never quit: you know that there is no such thing as failure in your world and you’ll pick up your paint brush again tomorrow morning

10. You depict colours as Emerald, teal, turquoise, crimson etc…it’s never just green, red or blue with you

10. You simply adore art in all its forms : be it books, music or visual

9. You love reading as you’re visualising the characters, scenery and climax moments clearly in your mind’s eye.

7. You enjoy the challenge of recreating historic artwork on your own canvas and adding your own personal touch to it

6. Your favourite chocolate are M&Ms as you’re mesmerized by their splashy shades

5. You have your own rare, creative sense of style in dressing, decor and expression

4. Sharpening your pencils at the end of your day is your personal time of meditation

3. You’d rather cut up fruit in varying shapes & sizes and use them to paint or create a new artwork

2. Making money is not important for you: making art is.

1. A blank wall is not a blank wall: it’s your canvas! You fall asleep in your studio. That’s where you’re going to be the next morning, so why waste time going back and forth?

Here you have it! Even if 5 of these signs apply to you – then you’re meant to achieve great things in the field of art! Focus on your artistic passion and don’t worry about the bills. You can find some brilliant jobs with flexible timings on the side on your JOB TODAY app. Even if you have no experience, do not fret! There are plenty of jobs that require no experience. Want a part-time job? You can easily get a top paying job, even as a high school graduate.

Ready to roll out your paintbrush?

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