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5 consejos para contratar al empleado perfecto

Doris Benitez
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Finding a job can be a background career … but looking for a perfect employee to hire too! We give you 5 tips to keep in mind in that search:

When you publish your job offer:

  1. Include a photo of your store / brand. It is always more attractive for those seeking employment, and, in addition, you can make your offer stand out above others.
  1. Use keywords for candidates to quickly find the offer through the app’s word search. For example, are you looking for a cook, but is it a signature cuisine restaurant? Explain it!

When you select candidates:

  1. Put on an hour a day to review the candidates and preselect those that interest you . Remember that applications expire in 24 hours! If in a day you have not selected or discarded someone, you will disappear equally from requests.
  1. Do not hesitate to ask for chat references or knowledge that are required for the position. You can solve doubts and save time in interviews!

If the profile you are looking for does not appear …

  1. First, check that your offer specifies what you are looking for. Perhaps the type of position that it is is not explicit enough, and the right people do not apply.

After that, with Job Today you can also look for candidates and send them your offer. You will have thousands of candidates available!

We hope there is luck in the treasure hunt! Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!