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Consejos para preparar tu entrevista de trabajo

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 5 min

When they contact you by chat on Job Today, the first thing that should come to mind is: “What great news, a company is interested in me!”

But it doesn’t end there. There is still the process of talking with them, doing the interview, highlighting and that they end up catching you!

So in today’s post we will explain how you should act so much when they start chatting with you, until you do the interview.

Step 1: Chat with companies

If they are interested in your candidacy, the companies will contact you with a type message: “We are the company XXX, we have seen your profile, contact us whenever possible or“ We wait for you at the YYYY address to do the interview since we are interested in your candidacy”.

From there, if you have to answer the messages, always do it in a friendly and professional way (this is not like Whatsapp 😊).

What do you talk about in the chat? Questions are asked, such as:

  • Offer conditions
  • Questions about the location
  • Interview confirmation
  • Time changes because you cannot attend at that time

Whether it’s one thing or another, don’t worry about talking to them. All of them are very friendly and will treat you with immense professionalism.

Step 2: Preparing the interview

Before going to the interview, find out about the company you are going to. If it is a bar / restaurant, know the name, the location, the type of clientele, the type of service … If it is a pub or local to do PR more than the same. If it is a company, in Google you can find a lot of information about it. People in charge, type of business or news about the company, are important to know.

And what is this important for?

Because they will all ask about you and your interest and the more you show that you know about them, the better .

Step 3: Keywords

While doing step 2, we recommend that you think and have prepared key words / phrases that the recruiter will want to hear in the interview.

Example: For bars / restaurants / pubs: “Experience in bar”, “Tray handling”, “good customer service”, “outgoing and results-oriented”, “interest in advertising and marketing”, “interest in speaking with people ”… For other types of companies:“ Management experience ”,“ team work ”,“ quick adaptation to the position ”,“ spirit of improvement ”…

These examples can serve as a guide although there are many more that you could use.

Step 4: How to get ready for the interview

For this type of interviews I recommend that you go well arranged, which would be a casual style . Simply wearing a shirt, dress pants (other than jeans) and dress shoes would be enough to introduce you to the interview.

Step 5: Arrive on time

There is an unwritten rule that says it is good to arrive 10-15 minutes before the interview . The important thing is that you arrive with enough time.

Punctuality is a key point for any job that you are going to opt for and that is why you have to prove that you are going to do it. Therefore, first of all, it’s time to look at Google Maps where the company is located, how you are going to travel and how long it will take you to arrive.

Step 6: How the interview should be

Do not worry, this type of interview is usually not very long (between 30 min – 1 hour). You will talk about your work experience, why you wanted to apply to the offer, the conditions of the contract …

Your tone from the first moment should be neutral and professional . Remember that the interview starts from the moment you enter the door until you leave, so do not become deconcentrated at any time .

Regarding the corporality, get upright, but naturally, arms on the table and gesturing at all times.

Step 7: What to ask in the interview

We recommend that you do not leave the interview having doubts, which asks everything you have in mind. Common questions about the type of work, schedules, colleagues (if any), clients, how they work … are very typical and are  highly valued.  Regarding salary I recommend that, if the interviewer has not commented during your talk or during the chat, it is the last question you ask.

Step 8: What to do after the interview

Two things can happen, or that they tell you that they hire you at the moment, or that they tell you that they will call later. Whereupon, when the interview ends, just wait for the call. If you have any questions that you missed asking, you can always ask for the chat.

And here all the steps you must take from the moment they contact you until you finish doing the interview

As you can see, these are very simple steps but always worth remembering. I am sure that if you follow this method your employment contract is just around the corner. So, don’t give up, look forward to your job search! Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora