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Cómo hacer una entrevista de trabajo

¿Cómo hacer una entrevista de trabajo?

Doris Benitez
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The job interview is the tool par excellence in human resources for the selection of personnel for a job. An interview with a candidate does not guarantee your hiring , but it provides the interviewer and the company with very useful information about him.

Step 1: Before conducting the interview

It is very important to state the objective of the job interview well: you have previously selected a certain number of candidates that interest you and want to know them to know which one would fit best in your company.

Rather than asking him about his experience and studies (because they are data that you have previously seen in his work profile), it is interesting that you can see how the candidate develops, what attitude he shows and delve into details that you are not clear about his experience / studies or of those who want to know more. If we prepare the interview well we will know exactly what profile we are looking for so that the person fits in the company and in the work team and we can decide more easily.

It is important that you adapt the interview to each candidate but that you prepare a list of basic questions that you must ask all the interviewees and then adapt the dialogue as the interview unfolds.

Step 2: How to get started

The initial moments of the interview are crucial and will determine its development: we recommend that you break the ice describing the company and the position to occupy. The interviewee is the one who should talk the most, but it is good for you to guide the conversation (because you are clear about what you want to know about him).

These are some of the questions that can serve as a basis, and that you can later adapt as the interview progresses:

  • What would be your ideal job?
  • What are the tasks with which you get the best out of you?
  • What tasks did you do in your last job?
  • What did you like most about your last job?
  • Points in common between previous charges and this
  • What interests you most about this company?
  • Why are you interested in this job?

It is important that you pay attention to their responses and write down what most catches your attention or the most significant, because it will help you decide for one candidate or another later . Don’t forget about nonverbal communication , since it can give you many clues!

Step 3: Farewell

Finally, before ending the interview and saying goodbye , try to keep the candidate informed about how long it would take to give you an answer or how long it will take to hear from you. Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!