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La Generación Z en el Trabajo

Doris Benitez
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Report on how Gen Z adapts to workplaces and vice versa


Generation Z (between 18 and 23 years old) is entering the labor market with lots of energy and fresh ideas. But all this new talent is being wasted, because in Spain youth unemployment is 37%.

Working with young minds is key to growing and adapting new market trends. But how can we create a good working environment for the new generation?

To answer this question, this study delves into:

  1. The social and professional profile of Gen Z,
  2. The ideal characteristics of the workplace.

We have used different studies at European and worldwide level from recognized sources such as Nielsen, Accenture or Commscope.

How are the youth of Generation Z?

Discover your interests and needs. In addition to their obvious skills in technology and social networks, these young people have other amazing qualities. Did you know that most are self-taught and super creative?

In the report we review the following topics:

  • The values ​​and interests of Gen Z.
  • Personality and abilities.
  • Social and learning habits.

Generation Z in the workplace

Your work needs may be a little different. To adapt the workplace, we must take into account keys such as new leadership models or different forms of motivation.

Many are entrepreneurs by nature and their energy can lead to success. But how can we work side by side? In the report we give you all the keys:

  • How they relate to their coworkers and bosses.
  • Your main communication and learning tools.
  • Strengths and weaknesses in the work environment.

Did you know that the percentage of young people who want to start their own business is higher than in previous generations? Or that there are more volunteers in non-profit organizations?

What Generation Z looks for in a company

These young people value learning opportunities and honesty, among other things. In the study we inquire into the main factors so that a person of Gen Z wants to work for a company.

We review:

  • The main confidence factors.
  • The most important company values.
  • Preferences (incentives, stability, money …).

Tips to achieve the ideal work environment

After an exhaustive analysis of the needs and interests of this new workforce, we conclude with a series of tips for employers and employees.

The report presents several tips on various issues that will be key to a more favorable environment:

  • Work Motivations
  • Authority at work.
  • Company values.
  • Generational change.
  • Recruitment process
  • Work tools.
  • Constant Learning.
  • Talent retention.

Download this complete report to successfully face the generational change and create a workplace from which revolutionary ideas come out!

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