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Un perfil 10 en Job Today

7 claves principales para tener un perfil 10

Doris Benitez
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Did you know that it takes an average of 6 seconds for a recruiter to accept / discard an application?

And you will ask yourself: Why is this happening?

  1. Due to the large volume of candidates.
  2. In the end all profiles differ very little between them.

But don’t worry! Your Job Today candidacy can stand out perfectly among everyone else if you follow a series of steps. That’s why in this post we invite you to learn how to get your attention in those 6 seconds with just 7 actions!

Prepared? Go for it:

  1. A good extract

One of the most important issues is to raise a good excerpt. In the “About me” section of your profile, write between 4-6 lines saying who you are, what you do, what you are currently looking for and what you can contribute. With just this you help quickly get an idea of:

  • Of the interest you have in finding a job.
  • If you fit in the position .
  1. Keywords

This is related to point 1 before.

Companies use filters to search for candidates, so think about what keywords might be interesting to highlight your profile. For example, words like “waiter”, “bar”, “experience in rooms”, “PR”, “commercial”, “sales”… are important that you include them if you have experience or interest in working in that sector.

  1. A good picture

You are looking for work, so the more professional, the better. Our advice is that you go well dressed, casual, smiling and with a white background is enough to have a good profile picture.

  1. Put all your work experience

It is important that the recruiter knows your work experience: where you worked and what you did. So:

  • For those who have experience:

Our advice is that you include all the information that you think may be useful:  years of experience, companies in which you have worked, languages ​​… 

  • For those who have no experience:

Nothing happens! Everyone has started from 0 and no experience. Although there will be some offers that you will not fit because they ask for experience, there are others that do not need it.

Therefore, I recommend that in the excerpt you put a phrase such as “I have no professional experience, but I really want to enter the world of work to prove my worth.” That is taken into account (and much!).

  1. Put additional information

It’s good that you complete your Job Today profile because the more information, the easier it will be for you to be hired. Therefore, extra information such as location, training and languages ​​is important to be filled in.

  1. Self short.

In the end the profile has to be short. You have to get the recruiter to decide whether to contact you or not at a glance.

  1. Véndete

And lastly, you always have to sell yourself . If you are an excellent worker, say it, if you are a person with a high capacity for effort and sacrifice, say it. Think that the goal is to attract attention and stand out in the eyes of the recruiter.

And these are the 7 keys that make a normal profile become a quality profile with added value.

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