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propósitos de año nuevo

Los primeros pasos para cumplir los propósitos de año nuevo

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 2 min

New Year’s resolutions are goals that we begin to set during the Christmas holidays to try to improve in some way the next 365 days both personally and professionally. It is very common to hear people say that they are going to consider losing weight, exercising, quitting smoking and many other purposes, with the excuse of changing the year. “Peeero” is very easy to get discouraged and forget those purposes (which many do not reach even February). But it’s time to take your goals very seriously!

One of the first things you should do at the beginning of 2018 is to discover what you are truly passionate about and the feasibility of transforming it into a profession . Once we are clear about what kind of work could motivate us, it is necessary to know in which aspects we stand out and what are our main skills and competencies.

Mark New Year’s resolutions as smaller goals

Many of the goals we set for 2018 have to do with our professional expectations , and it is important to think about all the small steps we have to take to achieve them. For example, a good start and motivation may be the fact of updating our profile picture . Our image is also part of our brand, and it is important to convey those values that really interest us.

Also complete your profile in detail with your career, aspirations, professional goals and the skills you want to highlight .

Having an updated profile picture represents you as an active person, that you are up to date with technology, that you are an organized person and that you are interested and motivated to find work.

We advise you to use a profile picture giving importance to the face with a smile, that you transmit naturalness, that you use a neutral background and that you use the same profile image for all your professional networks since it is easier to recognize you easily.

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