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Radiografía del usuario de Job Today

Doris Benitez
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After seeing the figures on unemployment in Spain in recent months, we believe it may be interesting to deepen the matter. Therefore, we bring you data on the Job Today user profile, such as the age range that changes jobs most commonly, the most sought and most offered positions and the cities in which there is more contractual activity.

In this way you can better understand the reality of the Spanish labor market and you can take full advantage of the current employment opportunities that we offer on our platform.

The most wanted jobs

Among the most wanted jobs by Spaniards who use Job Today are:

26% of users look for jobs in hospitality , 14% jobs in retail and 11% jobs in marketing . Coincidentally, the most offered jobs in Job Today are, in the first place, those of marketing, representing 24% of the total of Job Today’s offers nationwide, followed by 17% in the hospitality guild.

The data also indicate that the most offered days are the full day , representing 62% of the total announced positions, as opposed to part-time offers , representing 37% of all job advertisements.

Young people are the ones who use digital employment platforms the most

A 38% of its users in Spain are between 25 and 34 years old and 31% are between 18 and 24.

This is a symptom of the employment rotation that happens constantly among the youngest, due to factors such as professional nonconformity and the search for work that allow them to meet their personal goals outside the workday.

Of these users, the Director General of Job Today in Spain, Polina Montano, comments: “In recent years, at Job Today we are witnessing the change in direction young people are doing, not only in Spain, but also in the other four countries in which we operate. Increasingly, young people seek to feel fulfilled beyond the job, so they opt for jobs that allow them to train in and out of working hours. In our platform we are aware of this and we offer the facilities that we believe are necessary both for people who want to work and for contractors: incentives for companies to request resumes in new formats, designed to boost the creativity of applicants or promote flexible day jobs, among other initiatives. ”

The users of Madrid and Barcelona are the most active in our platform

During the month of January this year , 55% of women have been registered, versus 35% of men who are also seeking employment.

These users are concentrated in the four major cities: one 32% of them reside in Madrid a 28% in Barcelona , followed by cities with significantly lower data; Valencia with 8% and Seville with 4% users.

In summary, these curious data reflect the increase in job applications and as resolvers they can become the youngest when looking for work.

How about? Are you among this group of users? Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!