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Finding jobs during the lockdown

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

From homeworking to cleaning, we’ve got you covered!

The COVID-19 pandemic has directly affected employment, since many companies have been forced to close their doors temporarily. Many others have been obliged to temporarily or permanently let go part of their staff to keep their heads above water. If you’re an employer, here are some tips on how your business can survive the lockdown.

At the same time, there are still some sectors that actually need more staff than ever. Look no further because we have detailed all of the jobs you should be applying for in this article! You’ll be able to find work whether it’s temporary or permanent, allowing you to stabilise your income or to make a bit of extra money. Take a look at the highest paying jobs under Covid 19.

Check out these sectors and find a job with or without prior experience

Shops and supermarkets

To cater for the new spike in demand in food and hygiene products, supermarkets and local food shops are hiring the following staff: 

  • Cashiers 
  • Packers
  • Floor managers or assistant floor managers
  • Administrative executives or accountants
  • Warehouse staff
  • Logistics and distribution staff

Home delivery 

E-commerce and delivery platforms have seen their sales explode recently. They are looking for the following staff:  

  • Delivery drivers/rider (own vehicle not always needed)
  • Warehouse logistics staff
  • Warehouse floor managers 
  • Dispatchers 
  • Security and maintenance staff


Our health service is in a great need of staff to take care of the growing number of  COVID-19 patients. They are looking for:

  • Nurses
  • Phone support staff 
  • Safety managers in hospitals


Emergency cleaning squads are needed for ambulance support services, hospitals and homes. The sector is looking for cleaning staff

Home-working for Tech Companies

Streaming, content and communication services have seen their demand increase drastically as people are having to work from home. Technology companies that provide these services need to maintain their telesales, marketing, and community on social media.  You can find jobs such as:  

  • Accounting assistant 
  • Content or copywriter, creating digital content such as blogs, news articles, and social media posts
  • Telesales staff and phone support staff 
  • Secretarial and administrative staff
  • Data entry staff

Distance Learning

Many of us are being productive during the lockdown and are using our time for distance learning. For this reason, online learning platforms have seen an increase of demand for their online courses. You can find positions such as: 

  • Language teachers 
  • Core subject tutors for school children
  • Adult learning course teachers


Despite the closing of creches, schools and nurseries, many parents still have to work and are not able to look after their children during the day, so they have had to hire:

  • Babysitters
  • Au-pairs

Support Workers and Carers 

Some people are more vulnerable to the threat of COVID-19, including elderly people and people with pre-existing health conditions. They find themselves in need of help around the home with the shopping, cleaning, helping with pet care and general help with daily activities. Start searching for a job as a: 

  • Support worker
  • Carer

We recommend that you keep up to date with the job market if you are unemployed:  

  • Keep actively looking for jobs 🔍
  • Keep your CV up-to-date and strengthen your brand by creating or updating your profile on professional social media sites and growing your network 

Complete an online course, preferably in areas of high-demand such as technology, marketing, sales, languages and other computer skills 🌍