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Great Place to Work: Amazeeng Way to Take Your Coffee

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

A cup of coffee takes more effort to make than one might think. Although coffee is poured nearly everywhere nowadays, there aren’t many places that show you the process from start to finish. Those very few, however, can make a big difference. 

Take, for example, Cafe Zee, a small batch coffee roastery in the heart of Ealing Broadway. Determined to bring a better and fresher product to the market, Asim Malik and Sebastian Olid created a snug coffeehouse that can warm anyone up, even during a snowstorm. Founded in 2012, it was a heart and brainchild of two people passionate about coffee and the way coffee should be served.


Relaxed coffee culture

At Cafe Zee, every coffee bean is chosen with extra care, as this is an important step to provide high-quality to all customers. According to Sebastian, co-owner of Cafe Zee. “just like snowflakes, every bean is different, in the origin, pattern and flavour profile – each one is individual”.The same principle applies to their team members, every newcomer is encouraged to express themselves and flourish within their work environment.

They strive to maintain a relaxed atmosphere, whilst also keeping their standards high. There is no set structure for integrating new employees, but the team is there to help newcomers feel part of the team. “They’re friends, as well as teammates and colleagues, and I like that kind of culture”, says Sebastian. After work drinks, funky outfits on special (and not so special) occasions and a family-like team spirit are only a few attributes of the company culture at Cafe Zee.

“Being a barista just about standing there, making coffee all day, although a lot of baristas think it is. It is being involved in the coffee shop 100%: serving customers, being affable on the till, upselling the products you enjoy eating yourself, understanding the wants and needs of every customer who walks in the door – that is what a Barista really is”.

These attributes come shining through if you’re passionate about what you do. Passion, good demeanor and personality – that’s what you really need to be a good barista. You have to want to get up in the morning and go to work, and Cafe Zee provides the kind of environment that helps you do that.

They are always happy to talk to experienced baristas, who will fit into a micro-roastery environment. If this sounds like your cup of tea (or rather, coffee), download JOB TODAY on IOS or Android and apply for one of the open positions and make that cup amaZEEn’.