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Want to recruit the best staff? Check out our top recruitment trends

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

Polish the candidate experience

To attract the top talent, recruiters need to improve the candidate experience. It’s no longer acceptable to expect good candidates to trawl through complex applications, be satisfied with poor job descriptions and wait forever for you to contact them. These are the people who will help you achieve your company objectives, so it’s worth treating them as potential assets. Perhaps all you need is to improve your hiring process, or maybe it’s an attitudinal problem? Fix it, and you’ll see improvements to the calibre of job applicants.

Recruit by smartphone

The trend for everything mobile, instant and responsive is influencing recruitment practices in a big way. Mobile recruitment reduces bureaucracy, fills vacancies more quickly (and by the right people) and is becoming an important and everyday resource for jobseekers, especially digital natives and mobile workers. Employers have found that mobile recruitment widens their talent pool and puts them in touch with suitable candidates they may not have found by traditional recruitment means.

Upskill them

Yes, a good salary is always welcome but great candidates are looking for more than that. In today’s digital economy, knowledge and skills have a shorter shelf life, so many jobseekers are looking for skill development from their employers, too. Create a great learning culture, advertise it as part of your offer to candidates, and you’ll attract the best staff. 

Mend your brand

Jobseekers are influenced by your brand, for better or worse. Your brand isn’t the great design on your website, how recognisable your logo is or what you tell your customers and clients. Your brand is how people experience you and perceive you, so if you’re performing poorly though social media or have unfavourable reviews on Glassdoor or Yelp, your brand can suffer. These constitute only a few of the reasons that you are unable to find the right employees. If you want the best staff, they’ll need to perceive you as the best. So make it part of your recruitment strategy to continually work on your customer service, polish your online reputation, respond well to negative feedback and admit that you’re not perfect but you’re working on it.

And if you’re feeling lucky and feel that your staff are happy, ask them to review you on Glassdoor.

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