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Why You’ll Fall in Love with Screening Questions

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

Looking to hire your next superstar and wanting to save some precious time? Add screening questions to your job post!

Screening questions are an efficient method to pick only those candidates that are a suitable fit for your job. They can be added as a quick questionnaire form when an individual completes the preliminary application procedure. 

The best part is that JOB TODAY just added this super brilliant feature to its hiring platform. As an employer, you can select the questions as per your choice and set answers accordingly. 

Now, what can you do once you select the option to add screening questions? You can:

  • Set questions to ascertain whether candidates meet the minimum requirements for your role.
  • Save a good amount of time by having access to relevant applications
  • Lower your employee turnover and staff replacement costs
  • Identify those potential workers who will be an idea fit in your job and company culture

Essentially, there are two categories of screening questions that you can implement on the JOB TODAY platform.

Assessment of Competency Questions 

Competency related questions will evaluate those prospective staff workers who are actually eligible for the role. This preliminary round of screening will lay the foundation for further candidate appraisals. Such questions may include:

  • Location: is the applicant within the vicinity, willing to relocate or travel?
  • Legal visa status: does the applicant possess the legal right or paperwork to work in the said country?
  • Salary: is the applicant open to negotiation or happy with a predetermined amount?
  • Joining date: is the applicant available on the required starting date?

Of course other areas can be explored as per on your need basis.

Job Experience Questions

This group of screening questions will filter out those applicants who match your job criteria. Once candidates make it through the initial screening process and reach the second stage of hiring, they’ll be asked about their previous job experience if any),education,certifications/diplomas, and other relevant skill sets. These kind of questions include:

  • Experience: depending on the nature of the job whether prior experience is necessary or a first-time job seeker will do
  • Education: the minimum level of educational qualification can be determined here
  • Certifications: are there any specific certifications required for this kind of job?

How to Use the Screening Questions Feature on JOB TODAY

As excited as we are to add this field to your job ad, we also want to simplify the process whilst giving you options. 

Whilst posting your job advertisement, just click on the “Screening questions” button and it’ll take you to the next form that’ll allow you to set up screening questions as per your requirement. 

Go ahead and insert the questions you want. Feel free to add responses and select a “Preferred answer” that matches with your role. You can also have more than one correct answer if you want. 

If you input a screening question that you either want to delete or not include, go ahead and select the “Remove question” button. With this flexibility, you’ll find your next model employee in no time!