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Interview fail: The chef that had one too many…

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

This is another episode of our “interview fail” series.

Interviewer: Welcome Grace! My name is Angie. How was your journey here today?

Grace: (slightly slurred) It was fine, thank you. I made it here safely thank God!

Interviewer: OK… good, am glad you are here. So looking at your experience it seems as though you’ve worked as a chef in a number of cafes and small restaurants throughout your career, but how would you feel about cooking in a larger, busier restaurant like this one?

Grace: To be honest, I’m really nervous about it, I am very nervous about it. I know I shouldn’t say that, whoops! How will I cope with all the orders, how will I know when the chicken is ready, how many staff will I have to help?!

Interviewer: Sorry, Grace, I’m actually interviewing you right now. Please calm down. The kitchen is very well organised and efficient, and our previous chef was extremely efficient and calm. If you are worried about this environment then perhaps this isn’t the role for you?

Grace: You are probably right. I’ll just leave. I’ll probably never get a job. (she stands up, then walks back and sits down as though nothing happened) Was it my honesty or my questions that put you off?

Interviewer: Grace, did you have drink before you came here today?

drunk chef

Grace: Noooooo, I mean, yes. I mean, no! I mean, yes I did. I’ll admit it. I’m sorry! I was so nervous about the interview and the job that I got a little bit drunk before I came. I knew it was wrong when my colleague convinced me to stay for an extra bottle, but I just can’t say no! See, I don’t really believe I can move from a tiny restaurant to this HUGE one, and I’m worried that I’ll fail.

Interviewer: You could have been perfect for this role Grace, but you should never drink before an interview. Of course, this job will be something new for you, but it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. With the right attitude, drive and ambition this could have been –

Grace: (she interrupts) – I understand. Thank you… er, what was your name again?

Interviewer: It’s Angie. And I think you really need to go home and think about your decision making skills.

Grace: And grab another wine, I think! Seeing as I totally messed this up! I neeeeeed another drink!

Interviewer: It’s probably best that you don’t.

Grace: Byeeeee!

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