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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can JOB TODAY Help me Hire Personal Trainers?

Get your hiring process swift and fit with JOB TODAY when seeking a personal trainer. You can browse applicant profiles directly also and have your pick of the lot. Post a personal trainer job ad for free and let the personal trainer applications pour in! Your ideal personal trainer is only a swipe, a click and a button away – no hops and jumps required here.

How do I find the right personal trainer?

A suitable personal trainer will be empathetic, understanding and motivated. They will be extremely fit, creative and possess great communication skills. Your ideal personal trainer will also be incrediby kind and patient as they wait until you master certain exercises or gain a higher level of stamina and fitness.

Can I search directly for potential personal trainers on JOB TODAY?

You can check out profiles on your JOB TODAY app and filter your search by industry. Just choose the field you are interested hiring for in under the Work Experience bar or type in the term personal trainer in the Search bar directly in the Candidate Search tab.

How do I know if a personal trainer is a good fit for me?

Chat as much as you like with your short-listed personal trainer candidates on your JOB TODAY app and get to know them. Go ahead and invite them for a trial workout session to test them out.