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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can JOB TODAY Help me Hire Social Care Staff?

JOB TODAY appreciates the value of social care in our society. With our app, you can find the best and most qualified social care professionals in the country, so that you can provide the appropriate service to your at-risk clients. We can match you with the right candidate for child or adult social care services quickly and reliably.

What qualities should my social care worker have?

Your ideal social care employee will be empathetic, patient, kind and caring. They will be able to set boundaries with their client and understand realistically what can be achieved in a given period of time.

Are both full-time and part-time social care staff available on JOB TODAY?

You can hire a social care worker as per your need. Just clarify whether you need a full-time or part-time person on your job ad. There are countless candidate profiles waiting for you to get in touch.

How will I know if someone has applied to my social care job?

We will send you a notification whenever a candidate applies to your social care job ad. Just make sure your notifications on JOB TODAY are switched on.