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  • Muhammad Imran
    Strtgic Phrmactical Compliance Mngr Phrmactical Mrkting Anlyst
    Strtgic Phrmactical Compliance Mngr Phrmactical Mrkting Anlyst
    3 hours ago
    Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn

    Strategic Pharmaceutical Compliance Manager & Pharmaceutical Marketing Analyst- A fast growing pharmacy in Brooklyn, NY needs a BS pharmacy graduate for strategic planning and analysis and implementation of pharmaceutical compliance mechanism to research emerging pharmaceutical regulations and requirements of accrediting organizations to plan & execute pharmaceutical compliance policies, research trends and regulatory requirements of specialty pharmaceuticals, emerging generic pharmaceuticals, prepare generic pharmaceutical pricing strategies, DMEPOS, HHC, Herbals portfolio to promote & forecast sales/services of pharmaceuticals/specialty drugs, formulate company’s revenues & pricing strategies, preparation of product promotion scientific literature examining chemical constituents, pharmacological response, botanical sources and health values of herbals, research pharmaceutical & medical literature for preparing content in company’s news letter, present analysis of company’s finances, sales and marketing information and reports. Must have BS in Pharmacy or equivalent and sound knowledge of pharmaceutical jurisprudence/Forensic Pharmacy, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmacognosy (herbal medicinal plants, seeds), quantitative knowledge of pharmaceutical marketing & statistical skills for cost benefit, pharmacy financial metrics & financial feasibility analysis for report presentation and developing pharmaceutical clinical services under applicable requirements, including Specialty Drugs Platform development and MTM services. Mail resume to Nostrand Ave Pharmacy Corp, 1148 Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11225.

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