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  • Vagabard
    Web Designer
    Web Designer
    2 months ago
    $500 monthly
    Bushwick, Brooklyn

    Hello. We are currently looking for website designers and virtual assistants at Vagabard. It's a website and multimedia production company that is home of the Creative Wandering Spirit. This Society allows individuals to learn, communicate, & evolve. Through Mental Health Awareness, Self Expression, & Spirituality, we are legion. Welcome to the Pack, Fellow Vagabard! We are currently looking for a part time web designer. Your job will be to look at the site, give us ideas on how to improve it, and also implement those ideas into action. This job will only require a few hours of your time a week. Right now we are a startup and cannot afford anymore than $200/month so it would definitely be part time work. If you are still interested knowing that please apply and we hope you can join the Vagabard family!

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