I’ve Been Shortlisted. What's Next?
If you receive an email or a notification that you are shortlisted, congrats! It means the employer liked your profile and pre-selected you among other candidates. You are one step closer to getting the job. From this moment forward, it’s all in your hands.
  • Be online
  Employers use the app at a certain time every day, so make sure to catch them while they’re online. Turn on your notifications so you never miss a message.
  • Be proactive
  Start a conversation with your potential employer right away. Firstly, thank them for reviewing your application and follow up with some questions about the role. Show your enthusiasm!
  • Be patient
  A job post on JOB TODAY gets a lot of applications, creating high competition. Try not to overwhelm the person on the other end of the chat - maintain a polite tone, but still show your strong interest in the job.