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How to Reduce No-Shows for Your Interview

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 5 min

Whoops, was that another candidate who did not show up to your interview? We understand how frustrating this can be! 

Whether you’re hiring in the autumn or looking for the best staff for summer jobs, it’s a time-consuming process. You spent precious time pouring over candidate applications, shortlisting your favourite ones and scheduling them for interviews. You book your busy week around their interview timetable and are ready to make an offer the very same day as you require someone to start immediately. And then they don’t bother to show up nor send a courtesy cancellation message! Don’t blame you for wanting to tear your hair out!

Cheer up mate, we’re here to tell you how to reduce no-shows for your interviews:

Review Profile Quality

Whilst you’re in the process of evaluating candidate profiles, check the quality of the profile of the candidate. Keep a vigilant eye out for how much information they have shared. This will give you a clear insight into their past jobs, their level of education/training and the level of their language skills. It will also reflect how much time and effort they have taken into painting a professional picture of themselves and show you how serious they are about landing a job.

Length of Gaps in Jobs Held

One way to attempt to identify reliable candidates for your business is by appraising time intervals between jobs held. Scan to see how many jobs they’ve taken over how much time and whether there is a notable gap in between jobs held. 

Chat with Your Candidates

The brilliant part about mobile job boards such as JOB TODAY is that you can search for relevant candidates, shortlist your favourites and spend some time chatting with them. By seeing who responds back to you promptly and expresses an eager interest in your job post – you can screen out those applicants who will likely be no-shows to your interview. 

Save yourself a bit of time on D-interview day by chatting with these candidates and asking them a bit about themselves whilst you’re on the go. Note the style of communication via chat: such as full sentences, correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. This is not meant to reflect your candidate’s language skills but to shed light on how serious he is about applying for your position. 

Hopefuls who take a long time to answer your queries, write in incorrect sentences or incorporate the use of colloquialism to convey their messages may not be the best choice for your job position. This could imply a casual, non-committal approach to the whole process of job-hunting. The right kind of time should be taken out to write a professional message.

Build Your Employer Brand

Your employer brand is a mix of multiple touchpoints: your culture, your team, your vision, and the opportunities you can provide potential hires with.

It’s the feeling potential candidates have whilst interviewing with you or the sentiment evoked when they see a social media post on your page.

Invite your applicants to a small hiring event. Just put some drinks and snacks out whilst conducting walk-in interviews. You can promote it on social media and see how your candidates gel in your work environment and with your team. Get your staff to promote the hiring event, tag themselves in it and to post pictures. 

Let candidates come to you instead of you going on the hunt for them!

Hire References

Ask your staff to help you in making your employer brand more relatable to potential candidates through their own personal favour. How? Offer them small incentives to:

  • Post videos and photos of them working. 
  • Share employee success stories, testimonials and their experiences of working with you. It will give jobseekers an insight into what their working lives would be like at your business. 

If you don’t have the resources to make a video or build a flashy website, no worries! Let’s work with what you have – use your Facebook/Instagram page to show the fun side of your business, post an Instastory highlighting an employee’s positive experience and use social media to engage with potential applicants. 

On hiring apps such as JOB TODAY, you can create your own Company page, post your information/pics and share all your new job offers all in one place. Invite all potential candidates to follow you so they’re automatically informed when you post a job ad. 

Platforms like JOB TODAY do not cost an arm and a leg. In fact, you can build your following on your Company page reasonably! 

By following the above steps, we truly hope you see a strong reduction in the number of no-shows for your interviews and that you’re able to find the best talent possible! 

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