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How to Hire the Best Staff for Your Summer Jobs

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 4 min

It’s that warm, sunny ☀️☀️ time of the year again when your business picks up and so does your summer hiring!

Whoops, still not found enough staff to recruit 👫 for your summer jobs? No worries, mate! All you have to do is a bit of candidate research and you could find the best person for the job in 24 hours. Then, hit the beach!

Here are a few quick tips to help you get started: 🎉

1. Hire for personality, not for skills✨

What kind of employee you would define as absolutely perfect! What would their personality and skill set be?

For instance, as a bar owner, you want the best bar staff for your bar jobs you want your bartender to be a multitasking superstar 🌟🌟 who rushes around happily serving customers, mixing delicious drinks 🍹🍸and managing payments efficiently – all with a smile 😊 on their friendly face.

2. Write a brilliant summer job ad📕

Now that you know what kind of employee you’re out on the hunt for, you can whip up the ultimate job advertisement. It will include the following:

a. Attention-grabbing headliner

You’re competing with thousands of other hiring managers 😲 and if you wish to hook in top talent, you’ll have a wicked job title 😏. For instance, if you own a small cafe and need someone to help make baguettes or sandwiches, why not go with “Sandwich Artist” 🎨 as the title? It’ll work!

2b. Role & Requirements

State what duties the summer job entails. Then, describe your dream candidate 😍😍 and the mix of skills, experience, and traits they’ll own.

2c. Salary & Perks

If there are any summer-end bonuses 💷💷 or learning opportunities 🎓🎓 with you, highlight that. This will especially attract young workers 👮🏻 👷🏽 who are seeking to expand their scope of talents or students seeking to gain experience.

3. Tap into tech💻📲

There are a few things you may not know about the modern jobseeker.

They’re obsessed with technology📱📱. You can find them glued to their smartphones. 87% of them use their phones to find jobs. Going to the pool?

You can also go mobile and post your summer job ad on social media and hiring apps (psst…such as JOB TODAY which has 8 million jobseekers!) You’ll receive a higher number of applications. 

The more, the merrier! 👫👫

4. Encourage employee referrals✅

Incentivise your present workforce to recommend their relatives or friends as candidates for your summer jobs. Need restaurant staff? You could offer a small bonus or a gift🎁🎁 to your staff for helping you hire waiters, chefs and baristas. Who doesn’t love free dinner 🍔 or free cinema tickets?

5. Offer a flexible schedule⏰

This may surprise you but today’s young workers desire a strong work-life balance. They want flexible hours, quick summer job offers and a swift hiring cycle ✨✨.

All you have to do is…give it to them!

6. Be their mentor🎓

Mate, Brexit’s on the way! You need to build your relationship with millennials 👬. Why?

  • Shrinking pool of available labour (migrant workers moving out(
  • General shortage in labour supply
  • Millennials will form more than half of the British workforce by 2020

Time to attract these bright young minds that absorb information voraciously. Blow their minds 💨 by providing a culture of training and growth opportunities that they might not get elsewhere.

Offer training programs workshops/seminars) that will help your staff improve its current skill set and learn new ones

7. Build your employer brand to increase retention💖

Still in touch with last summer’s employees? Offer them a bonus to come back to you this season as well! If they had a positive experience working for you, they’ll be bound to return!

Use social media to build your employer brand by:

  • Answering users’ comments and reviews
  • Share company news, post memes and publish all jobs
  • Get employees to post videos and share success stories

On hiring apps such as JOB TODAY, you can create your own Company page, post your information/pics and share all your new job offers all in one place. Invite all potential candidates to follow you so they’re automatically informed when you post a job ad. By the way, you can advertise for FREE.

Chill out by the beach, soak up the sun rays and get a nice tan whilst finding the perfect candidates for your summer jobs.