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Great Place to Work: Delivering Emotions as Well as Food

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

At times, an unthinkable combination can make a perfect match. In a place where historic castles and churches are embraced by cloud-mirroring skyscrapers, contrasts burst unpredictably. Just like that, a mix of Silicon Valley and Sicily was born in London, creating Michelin-starred gourmet comfort food to be…wait for it…delivered. Right to a customer’s door.

As a young start-up, GODO is built on the enthusiasm and passion of a handful of people. The founders, Amin and Simone, speak from their own experience as City businessmen: “Working in London, it was always a real hassle to find affordable but premium quality food. We’d end up in the same mediocre places, eating junk or – worse – tasteless ‘health’ food. Meals felt nothing like the escape we craved.” Within two years the team grew swiftly, but the one thing they had in common never changed – the ultimate passion for Italian food.

“In Italy, food unites everyone. It is used not as an aim, but as an excuse to gather with people and share something together”, says Fabrizio, one of the first Brand Ambassadors at GODO, Although they strive to grow into a big business expanding across different countries, the team aims to maintain the family environment, which is one of the main reasons team members never want to leave. GODO creates a sense of community of people who share the same objectives and transmit their passion to each other. It becomes a commitment to a mix of food, presentation, delivery and Italian culture as a whole. It sustains the lifestyle of Sostanza Italiana. According to Ricardo, GODO’s Brand Manager, “It’s a mix of high-end food and technology that keeps up the idea of a family sitting around the table for dinner cooked by the grandmother”.

Italy at Its Best. In the Style of GODO.

What already sounds like a perfect environment for a young professional moving to London, is completed by a long list of other perks. Once you join GODO, you are immersed in the best Italy can offer: it’s food, fashion and motors. Driving a Vespa and dressed in stylish clothing, Ambassadors are expected to represent the brand in its best way. GODO wants to make a lunch break the happiest moment of the day for their clients, which is why an eternal smile is of highest value to their team.

Aside from work, that truly seems like a perfect pastime, everyone at GODO is invited to a regular Aperitivo to share and exchange ideas and thoughts, as well as food. When the whole team interacts with each other, it’s easy to see it as family and want to grow within, which makes a huge difference day-to-day. Besides, a specially structured training program sets every team member right for future success with GODO.

After all, it’s not a job, where you come in, do your work, take your money and go home. End of story. It is a familial feeling that generates joy; the atmosphere that, once you join, you will never want to leave. It’s GODO.

The team is expanding and the spot for an ever-smiling person is always open. Download JOB TODAY on IOS or Android and apply for one of the open positions at GODO. All you need is to prove your passion for delivering happiness.