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JOB TODAY Photo Booth: Helping You Succeed

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

Combining a full-time education with a part-time job can be hard, but finding that job doesn’t have to be. JOB TODAY team has partnered with Unipapers to prove that and help the aspiring professionals at Greenwich University make that job-hunting process even easier. As part of the Greenwich Graduate Fair, JOB TODAY has provided a free professional profile and CV photo service.

According to thorough research and a lot of feedback from JOB TODAY users, having a good photo on a candidate’s profile multiplies the chances of getting a job really fast. Many of the employers on the app always say that a professional photo is worth a thousand words, or even a thousand days of experience. A hiring manager needs to not only put a face to a name, when reviewing an application, but also see how the applicant represents themselves on a professional profile.

What JOB TODAY-registered employers say:

“We prefer to see an applicant’s photo to get a feel for the person we’re talking to.”

“A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes an unprofessional photo can really influence the outcome of an application.”

“A good photo shows the effort an applicant has put into their profile. If they don’t bother uploading one, their attitude speaks for itself.”

A photo on JOB TODAY profile is the first thing employers see with a candidate’s application. By making the right impression, candidates can maximise their chances of getting an interview (and a job). A good profile photo can be welcoming and engaging, while making the viewer consider the applicant trustworthy and approachable.

Last week of March, we packed up our best smiles and positivity and embarked on a journey from our office to the heart of the GMT. All this to meet and greet some of the soul-searching, hard-working and evergreen residents of the beautiful campus. It wasn’t just the graduates that we met, however. Students from all over the campus passed by our enthusiastic reps to get the tips on a part-time job search and an awesome portrait from our photographer Carrie Tang.

Nearly a hundred lucky people got theirs and started their search for part-time opportunities on JOB TODAY during the two days of the fair. We have visited Avery Hill Campus and Stockwell Library, where, next to their own Greenwich Portraits gallery, we created new ones, with a little help from our friends.

Stay tuned for the upcoming JOB TODAY events and you might get your photo, too. Meanwhile, download JOB TODAY on IOS or Android and create your own professional profile. Your next job is just around the corner!