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How to Attract Top Talent for Your Chef Jobs in London

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 4 min

Having trouble hiring the right candidate for your chef jobs in London

Well mate, posting a job just doesn’t cut it anymore as a great chef shortage has invaded Britain. According to the Office of National Statistics, there has been a 17% decline in the number of employed chefs in 2018.

What with a shrinking talent pool to choose from, higher demand for chefs, and Brexit – it is no easy feat hiring and retaining a brilliant chef for your restaurant, bar or pub.

Breathe, don’t panic. We got you 😊

Here are a few tips on how you can attract the best candidates for your chef jobs in London:

Tap into Your Network

Put the word out amidst your family, friends and professional circle that you’re on the lookout for the next Gordon Ramsay. 

The chef world is a small yet highly interconnected place. Talk to other restaurant, bar or pub owners and ask them if they know anyone suitable for the role you’re recruiting for. If you know other currently employed chefs, reach out to them as well.

Post on Mobile Job Boards

As the hospitality industry traditionally tends to recruit younger workers, why not post a job where your message will reach the creme de la creme? By 2017, 95% of British-based millennials owned a smartphone and describe it as their lifeline to the world. This digital dependency is only on the rise as it is the ultimate source of all their information, search, reviews, news, content, music, social media etc. 

With mobile recruitment apps such as JOB TODAY, you can access thousands of local, competent candidate profiles within minutes of its installation. It’ll take you a few minutes to set up your company profile and post a job. Once done, you’ll receive hundreds of applications within minutes. You could hire someone the very same day! How? You can shortlist your favourite applications, chat directly with them and invite them for an interview. 

Use Social Media

In this technological age, we’ve no doubt you’ve got a kick-ass social media presence with a strong reach. Here are some of the employment tactics to apply here:

Advertising: Put your creative hat on and advertise on these platforms. For a few bucks, you can also promote your ad. 

Post on groups: Find relevant hospitality, chef, cuisine and food groups and publish your query there. Just make sure that you follow the groups’ posting rules and guidelines. You don’t want to be thrown out 😀

Partner with other businesses: Ask similar businesses to share your chef job advertisement and to tag your social media page. In return, either invite them for a nice meal on the house or return the favour when they’re hiring.

Incentivise Your Staff

Chances are that your present workforce has connections in the chef world and may be able to provide recommendations. Maybe they have a friend looking for a chef job or a family member out on the hunt. Offer a small bonus to them to bring in great candidates so you’re able to widen your applicant net. 

Build Your Employer Brand

Having a strong employer brand will bring top chef prospects directly to you. 

Your employer brand is a mix of multiple touchpoints: your culture, your team, your vision, and the opportunities you can provide potential hires with.

It’s the feeling potential candidates have whilst interviewing with you or the sentiment evoked when they see a social media post on your page.

A fabulous employer brand can get you more referral recruits. It’s quite simple. The more your staff shares positive stories about your company, the more referred applicants you will receive. Candidates may choose you even if you offer a lower salary. 

Why, you ask? Perhaps you’re known for caring for your employees and helping them grow in their field by providing training workshops. This will only benefit your business and let you retain your existing staff whilst leading to improved productivity as employees will want to do their best for you!

With effective employer branding, you will become the preferred choice of employment for jobseekers. You will attract the crème de la crème of the chef labour market!

Ready to hire your next superstar? Post a job now and get a headstart on your hiring. This way not only will you get the best restaurant staff, but keep them as well. The market is waiting for you to publish your next chef job in London! Just download the JOB TODAY app now or sign up online!