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Say no to burnout!

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 2 min

You probably know or know of at least one person who has had a “breakdown” at work, also known as a burnout. You really don’t want that to be you. Not only does everyone talk about you in a pitiful manner, but you will also suffer from severe stress anxiety and a mental breakdown if you cause yourself to burnout.

To avoid suffering the same fate, check your burnout symptoms here, are you:

Feeling extremely stressed or anxious? (like you want to throw yourself off a building every morning instead of going into work)

Losing interest in your work?

Negative and cynical about everything?

Not eating properly? (like grabbing unhealthy fast food and eating it while at a meeting or at your desk)

Unable to sleep?

Tired all the time?

Worried and self-critical? (like always telling yourself you could do better, when you are really doing everything you can)

Always suffering with a cold?

Addicted to caffeine?

Not exercising or taking breaks?


If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then you could be suffering from or nearing a burnout.

The best way is to nip it in the bud straight away. As soon as you notice these symptoms, figure out how you can rectify these things. It can be simple things like booking a lunch date with your friends instead of eating at your desk or booking a holiday. These are things you can do now!

In the longer term you need to set yourself some work-based boundaries. And we mean it. If you are going to finish at 5pm on a Friday to go to the cinema, then do it. No excuses. Write down your anti-burnout goals and make them as important as your work goals.

Another great strategy is to ask one of your colleagues to help you. Tell them how you feel and see if they would be willing to support you in making changes, like checking that you went to the cinema or booked that holiday. Having someone to answer to will make the changes feel more important.

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