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The Perfect Security Guard Job Description

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 4 min

Searching for the perfect security guard to look after your business? 

Whether you’re a small business owner or the manager of a large chain store, recruiting a security guard is essential for your company’s safety. You’ll sleep better knowing that there is an on-site security officer to prevent petty crimes such as theft, vandalism etc. Not only that, they can aid your staff, safeguard your premises and guide customers as well. 

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Why is a kick-ass security guard job description vital to your hiring process?

Drafting a clear, concise security guard job advertisement will:

a. Help you loop in talented, relevant candidates.

b. Help you to identify what skills, experience level and characteristics you’re looking for.

c. Save a ton of time in filtering out impertinent resumes.

d. Assist you to fabricate your interview questions and

e. Set specific salary brackets. Once you finalise a candidate, there might be a negotiation time lag that can be shortened as you’ll know your maximum upper wage limit. After all, you’re a busy person with tons to do whilst running or managing your business.  

To help you get started in posting a job, here are two examples to help you compose the ideal security guard job description that will hook in the best security guard candidates out there: 

Job Summary:

We’re on the lookout for a passionate security guard to patrol and protect our property and personnel. As part of our team, you’ll evaluate current safety systems and propose new ones if need be. You’ll be accountable for inflow/outflow of traffic, video surveillance etc and will also be capable of detecting any strange occurrences that appear of a suspicious or illegal nature.

Your Primary Duties:

  • Monitor traffic by instructing incoming/outgoing drivers
  • Draft reports via surveillance, observation, investigation, recording witness accounts etc

security guard

  • Ensure that state-of-the-art alarm systems are installed and functional
  • Responsible for the safety of property, personnel and visitors
  • Direct visitors, partners, suppliers, vendors and customers to their destination
  • Design, implement, run and evaluate safety practice procedures such as fire drills
  • Maintain a visitor log (if need be) and check identification
  • Protect parking spaces from being misused
  • Making regular rounds of the vicinity to maintain security, surveying all entry/access areas, performing vigilant video surveillance, scrutinising building property & equipment

security guard

Your Qualifications

To apply, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum age: 18 years 
  • Qualification: Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved
  • Clear a comprehensive background check
  • Hold 2-3 years of prior experience or have undertaken an apprenticeship

Your Profile:

  • Knowledge of safety procedures and protocols
  • Keen observation skills and strong interpersonal skills
  • Be certified in first aid and self defence
  • Working knowledge of the latest surveillance equipment and other safety systems

When posting your job, adapt the above security guard job description as per your requirements. Maybe you’re wanting to hire someone fresh out of security school instead of someone with five years’ of work experience. If you’re willing to pay for a motivated, capable applicant to go to school, you can state that too. If you have a lower budget, this incentive may come in handy in attracting aspiring security officer hopefuls. Whether you’re hiring security staff for your summer jobs or for the whole year, having a strong job ad will help you make the right decision.

Want a shorter, sweeter security guard job description? You can post this on mobile job boards such as JOB TODAY. How’s this one?

SIA Licensed security officer required to protect personnel and premises, perform video surveillance and guide visitors/customers. You have great observation & communication skills, technical know-how and a can-do attitude. Previous experience will be an asset. 

When faced with limited character space to draft up your security guard job description, make sure to provide as much information as possible through the other fields. This includes the nature of your job (full-time/part-time), days of work, salary, language fluency and experience level.

By providing your job contenders with this data, you’ll avoid having to answer such questions in your interviews/chats. Instead, you can focus on appraising the applicant’s competency and their skill set. 

Take either security guard job description (long or short one, as you wish!) and post it on multiple job platforms. However, if you’re looking for someone to join in 24 hours, then you may want to consider posting on mobile recruitment apps such as JOB TODAY as you’ll receive dozens of applications within minutes of posting. Best of luck with your hunt!