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Why You Should Empower Your Female Workers

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 4 min

It’s 2019 and some things need to change. It’s time for new year resolutions, new business strategies, new employment policies..speaking of which, did you know that empowering your female workers will help your business grow?

How, you ask? Before we get into that – a quick recap of last year will remind you of the trending #MeToo movement that encouraged women to speak out and share their stories of harassment.

As an SME owner, you can help bring positive change this year by positioning yourself as being an amazing place for women to work at. What with upcoming challenges such as Brexit and skills shortage, it would be brilliant for your company to be able to hire top female talent.

Now, how will empowering your female staff lead to business success?

Better Customer Service

Whether you are a coffee house owner or a restaurant manager – give your employees a certain amount of decision making authority.

If your customer complains that their steak is not medium rare, your waiting staff should be able to tell the kitchen to either fix the steak or to serve a fresh one that is medium rare. Empowering your staff will improve your customer relations significantly as their problems will be resolved then and there. Your clients will get super annoyed if they have to climb through layers of bureaucracy just to register a concern.

When a female staff member knows she is responsible to such an extent, she will be more engaged and attentive towards your customer.

Remember, happy employees = happy customers!

Lower Employee Turnover Ratios

Don’t just allow but be a strong advocate of maternity and parental leave. By being an understanding and supportive employer, you will earn your employees’ loyalty and respect.

Young mothers won’t only look forward to returning to work – but will work with all their heart. Hence, your business will enjoy such workers’ continued expertise as they provide high quality services to your customers.

Smoother Operations

Let all your restaurant employees be in charge of their own schedules. If one of your waitresses can’t make it due to a personal reason, enable her to be able to reach out directly to one of her colleagues and ask her to take her shift instead.

By awarding such autonomy, your business operations will run smoother and you’ll be free to focus on growing your business. Your employees will also want to stick around knowing that they’re in charge of their shift schedule and that you’re a flexible employer.

Those busy Saturday nights at your restaurant will run themselves!

Cheaper Running Costs

Your floor employees will know your product or service better than anyone.

Empower your restaurant female kitchen staff to make ad-hoc calls in their domain. For instance, if stale bread is delivered to your restaurant – your Head of Kitchen should feel comfortable enough to order from a different supplier. In fact, she may know someone who provides higher quality bread at a lower price.

Women are born multitasking superstars! Promote them to positions of management and accountability in your company and reap the benefits of their super-skills.

Polina Montano, Co-Founder and Head of Global Branding/PR of JOB TODAY, believes that “Women were born to be entrepreneurs. We have a natural predisposition to take on several roles, to assume different responsibilities. Communicating, managing conflicts, organising, scheduling and so on. These are tasks that we carry out on a daily basis in our private lives and we can therefore easily apply those skills to our office lives.” Here’s where you can read more about successful, thriving women like Polina who are slowly changing the world.

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