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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can JOB TODAY Help me Hire Admin Staff?

JOB TODAY holds the key to your next successful admin staff hire drive! Through our app, you can advertise your open administrative positions to thousands of highly skilled potential applicants around the country. At JOB TODAY, we value the contribution of real people to the heart and soul of an organization. Together, let us find the right admin staff candidates that will make your company tick faster and go further today!

Is this admin candidate the right fit for my company?

Chat directly with multiple admin candidates and short-list your favourites. Invite them for in-person interviews to evaluate whether an admin applicant will fit in your office culture.

Can I search admin candidates directly on my JOB TODAY app?

You can check out admin profiles on your JOB TODAY app and filter your search by industry. Just choose the field you are interested hiring for in under the Work Experience bar or type in the term admin in the Search bar directly in the Candidate Search tab.

What qualities should I be seeking in the ideal admin candidate?

Your next admin employee should be incredibly detail-oriented and be able to follow your instructions clearly. This person should be organized, a multi-tasking superstar, and be able to maintain good relations with suppliers.