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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What category of drivers and courier staff can I hire on JOB TODAY?

You can browse through thousands of candidate profiles to hire for a delivery driver, courier, motorbiker, or scooter driver position. We got it all! Search candidates directly and save time by filtering for work experience and industr

How shall I pay my drivers and couriers?

This is up to you :) We recommend that you do a bit of market research and see what drivers and couriers are paid. Simply match it and choose between a fixed monthly salary or an hourly wage that corresponds to the number of hours worked.

Do I need to provide a vehicle to my driver/courier staff?

If you have an extra vehicle or bike available, that’s great! However, a lot of driver and courier candidates on JOB TODAY bring their own car or scooter to work. Just post on your driver/courier job ad if you require the applicant to possess his or her own transport.

How Can JOB TODAY Help me Hire Drivers & Couriers?

JOB TODAY is the #1 app for finding van drivers, couriers and delivery staff. Thousands of experienced and highly trained drivers and couriers are using JOB TODAY to find their next role. If you need to find a driver for your business, there is no better place to look than our database!

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