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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills should my next kitchen porter have?

A good kitchen porter will be able to follow directions, work under pressure, communicate well and be able to multitask. If you want to train someone yourself, just answer “No” when asked if this job requires experience whilst you post your job.

How will I get to know when a candidate applies to my kitchen porter advertisement?

You will receive a notification from your JOB TODAY app each time a candidate applies for your kitchen porter job. Not only that, an applicant can also get in touch with you directly on the app itself. Don’t forget to turn your JOB TODAY notifications on!

How fast can I hire a kitchen porter?

Almost as fast as a snap of your fingers! More than 74% of our job advertisements find their match within 24 hours. Make sure you choose the Immediate Start option whilst posting your kitchen porter job and you’ll get tons of applications in minutes!

How Can JOB TODAY Help me Hire Kitchen Porters?

Kitchen porters are an essential part of the catering industry - they need to be hardworking and reliable. If you need to hire kitchen porters for your business, use the JOB TODAY app to browse the profiles of individuals who are keen to start work as kitchen porters. Registering with JOB TODAY is the premier app for recruiting kitchen porters and other types of kitchen staff, such as pot washers and cleaners. JOB TODAY makes the task of recruiting kitchen porters a breeze!