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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can JOB TODAY Help me Hire Security Guards?

JOB TODAY means that hiring security guards has never been so simple. With dozens of competent security guards looking for their next role on JOB TODAY, post your first job and see how straightforward it is to source the right security guards for your business

What qualities should a security guard have?

An effective security guard will always be honest with his employer. He will be alert of his surroundings, be physically fit and own great communication skills. He will also be able to multi-task his duties and understand the employer's requirements

How will I get to know if someone has applied to my security guard job ad?

We will ping you with a notification every time someone applies to your security guard ad. Don't forget to enable your JOB TODAY notifications via your Phone Settings.

How quickly can I find a reliable security guard?

You could find someone the very same day. Over 74% of our job listings find their perfect candidates within 24 hours. That's how fast your JOB TODAY app is.