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To land a job, avoid the most common pitfalls!

Doris Benitez
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Once you are in a plush job, you completely forget about all that you did to get there. The paycheck, the perks and the prestige of the position overshadows everything…but it was not so long back when you were struggling badly to get attention from a reputable employer. The reality is that exasperated job seekers in their desperation, try some ‘radical’ methods to catch attention than end up being the worst and land them in embarrassing job hunting scenarios. Here are some typical things that you might be tempted to do. Avoid the most common pitfalls to land a job.

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Don’t Take To The Streets

Walking around wearing professional attire with a sign saying that you desperately need to land a job and handing out your resume to every passer-by is a tactic that people have resorted to as a last ditch attempt. The problem with this strategy is that though it gets people’s attention, your resume can’t be tailored to specific employers.

A better way to get massive views on your resume, yet have it easily relate to employers is by posting it on professional networks and job sites. Make a list of top sites, have your resume posted there and in just an hour or so, you will be getting calls. After all, you want to get noticed positively as a job seeker.

Give a Crisp Cover Letter

The cover letter is basically you on a piece of paper, (harrowing as that might seem) you need to make a fantastic impression. Firstly, Always talk from the heart; tell them your passion for the job, your future vision, your expected earnings, but while you bring up the details…be honest. Employers can easily find a lie and when they do, your resume ends up in the trash (literally and figuratively). Also when presenting things about yourself and why you are ‘best suited’ and not ‘need’ the job…be refined. Do not expose sore details about why you left your last job or lack of experience issues etc.

Use The Right Channel

An employer whom I spoke to recently had an interesting story to tell about a person (now employed in the same company by the way), and the way he had applied for the job. Of all the things to do, this person left his cover letter and resume on the employer’s car windshield. Although the tactic did receive the needed attention, he did not hire the person for it. He asked him to get an account on his website and to post his resume through it. It was his quick response and the fact that they had a matching opening that landed him the job. The lesson here – go through proper channels to land a job and you will.

Above all positivity is the key here, always have a positive outlook and always believe the right fit is out there.

Happy Job Hunting!

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