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How to Land that Perfect Summer Job

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 5 min

As the sun ☀️☀️ shines and temperatures soar, it’s time to ramp up your BBQs, sun-tan lotion and your summer job hunt!

If you have no qualification or no experience, don’t fret ! There are plenty of no experience required jobs waiting for you 😀.

Wondering where to begin? Here’s how you can land that perfect summer job:

Decide what your dream summer jobs are

Before you send out job applications, the first thing you need to do is think about what kind of summer job you’d love💖.

Sure, you could be great at whipping up delicious cocktails🍸🍹or be an incredible Maths tutor📕. But is it your forte?

My friend, you’re giving up quite a bit of your fun time to go to work and make some dough 💵💵. Whether you want to buy that expensive, suave new jacket or you simply want to save up for your next semester’s university fees – whatever your motivation is, you should look forward to going to work🎉🎉.

Like the feel of wind in your hair whilst cruising to your favorite tunes?Apply to multiple courier and delivery driver jobs 🚒🚲. Can you sell shampoo to a bald person? Amazing, it’s a sure sign you’re going to rock a sales job. There are plenty of top paying jobs out there, even if you’ve just managed to complete high school. You’re going to sizzle 🔥!

Start your summer job search early

Now that you know what kind of summer job you desire, you’ll want to get a head-start ⏰ on your job applications. The sooner, the better! The thing is that such employers tend to get their summer staff 👫👫 on board beforehand – ready in time for the peak season.

Want to be part of this crew🙋🏻? You know what to do!

Whoops, wait a minute. Don’t have your resume ready?

Breathe, don’t panic😱. You can still create a gorgeous resume with no experience.

You can create a beautiful, professional profile within minutes on the app as it is generated automatically when you sign up and fill your details.

Fill it with as much information as possible! Then, start applying to dozens of New York summer jobs that are posted daily on JOB TODAY. You could get your next gig in less than 24 hours👏🏻!

Gather your personal references

Hey, personal references are an excellent way to let your potential manager know why you’d be an incredible asset to their team🌟🌟.

They’ll get additional insights 🔎into your talents and be able to verify the information you’ve shared. Hopefully, you’ll gain an edge over your competition🎉🎉.

Now, if you have no qualification or no experience, you may have a hard time putting a list of personal references together. Well, here are 3 references to help you nail that perfect summer job:

  • A family member/friend whom you’ve worked with. This can range from painting their walls to doing gardening work.
  • An older peer whom you’ve done projects with.
  • Your favorite professor who can vouch for your work ethic, your strong analytical skills and your high moral values.

Experience or not, you can still get your foot in the door🚪!

Show your flexibility in schedule

Stand out from the crowd by showing your availability to work throughout the summer. If you have no qualification or no experience, this will help you get that summer job as your employer will be aware that you’re willing to work whenever you’re needed.

They’ll be thrilled 😁 know that those hard-to-fill weekend shifts are covered. You’re definitely going to land an interview!

Nail that interview

Fantastic job, you’re a star🌟for getting this interview!

Being on time is a must! It is recommended that you avoid these four mistakes on your resume. Be true to yourself,  dress smart👗👚 present yourself in the best light by highlighting your skill set and past experience.

Do a bit of “healthy” stalking on your potential employer’s social media to understand their vibe and to see how you can best fit in.

Send a thank you and follow up message

You’ve applied for numerous summer jobs, given a few interviews and now you’re waiting for that perfect job offer.

Let’s not worry and bite those nails! Just reach out to your interviewer through email or a message. First, thank him for his time and ask for his feedback on your application status. If you got your interview via JOB TODAY, you can ping your hiring manager directly via message. This is how you can write a professional message on JOB TODAY to help you land that ideal summer job.  

Remember, there are ways to manage stress whilst job-hunting. You’re strong and resilient. You know the right summer job is out there waiting for you! Hop to it then. We wish you the best of luck!

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