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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can JOB TODAY Help me Hire Primary Education Staff?

Advertise your open roles with us, and you will instantly reach thousands of potential employees with professional training and experience in primary education as well as unrivalled passion for the job. JOB TODAY places utmost value on the high quality of our children’s education, and we aim to help you recruit the best of the best in primary education.

How can I find the right primary education staff for my school?

Easy! Make a list of the traits you are looking for in a primary education professional and list them in your job ad on your JOB TODAY app. You can also browse thousands of qualified candidate profiles through filtering your search by your required experience.

Will I be able to recruit more than one primary education professonal at a time from JOB TODAY?

Of course, you can hire as many primary education workers as you like. Just post one primary education job and share the number of openings available. If you require different roles, then post more than one job.

How do I know if a primary education professional is right for the job?

Chat as much as you like with your short-listed applicants on your JOB TODAY app and get to know them. Go ahead and invite them for a trial class before finalising any candidate