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Easy Jobs to Get with No Qualification

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

Here is our list of 5 easy jobs you can get without a qualification. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways how you can cope if you don’t land your dream job.

Sales Executive

Start as an internee or a sales assistant and work your way up. Why not apply for sales executive jobs and see if this is your cup of tea? It is an easy job to get without a qualification!

If you enjoy meeting new people and like a bit of a challenge, then this just may be the ideal professional path for you. With experience, you will become a master of the art of persuasion and will double your commissions as this is one of the highest paid jobs without a qualification in the UK. On apps like JOB TODAY, you can always ping employers and chat with them directly. Want to know how to write a professional message on JOB TODAY?

Security Guard

As a security guard, you will be the person in charge of everyone’s safety and well-being. Take pride in this huge responsibility and use it as a stepping stone to advance your career in other related fields such as law enforcement or personal security. It is a stable field with a high demand for employment as most businesses require security services.

You must be in reasonably good physical shape and gain familiarity with your state’s laws. Also, do inquire about your employer’s security policies.

security guard job today


Learn about variant types of alcohol, memorise cocktail recipes and meet new people as a bartender. Get creative and experiment by mixing/blending different ingredients together to create your own iconic taste. Benefit from daily tips as well as a good starting wage.

Working as a bartender is not only fun – you can grow into a Bar Manager with sufficient experience. Apply to bartender roles and see if its cut out for you. Remember, people will always want a drink!

Delivery Driver

Got a driver’s license? Put it to good use and get a job as a delivery driver.  These roles do not require prior experience as such (only the ability to drive the vehicle in question) nor a related qualification.

delivery driver job today

It’s relatively simple to become a delivery driver. Let’s roll up those sleeves now and get you in the driver’s seat.

Oilfield Worker

Travel the world, experience diverse cultures and enjoy decent pay by working as an oilfield worker. Mind you, it is hard work, but the good news is that it is a relatively easy job to get without a qualification. Any needed training will be given to you on the job itself. If your schedule is too busy, consider taking up a weekend job instead.

Want to check out other easy jobs to get without a qualification? Download the app now and take a look!

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