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How to Find a Job this Christmas

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

As the second UK lockdown ends on a happy note with the approval and roll-out of the COVID 19 vaccine, it is time to make merry and land yourself a Christmas job! 

We understanding that finding jobs under a lockdown must have been extremely challenging. This year’s been a tough one – why not treat yourself and your family to something a little extra special this season? The spirit of giving is seeping into the atmosphere as shoppers flock to the markets and businesses are looking to hire an extra set of hands to manage the busy season. Even if you’re trying to save money this Christmas, what’s the harm in earning even more?

Here’s how to land a job this Christmas quickly:

Have the right attitude

how to find a job this christmas

Let your hiring managers know you are more than happy to roll up your sleeves and perform your job tasks diligently. Have a positive mindset and aura that radiates openly whilst you chat or speak to your interviewer. Speak about your strengths such as past experiences, related education/qualifications and ability to learn new things if starting out as a fresh jobseeker. Even if you’re seeking an easy job with no qualification, with the right attitude and display of willingness – any employer would be happy to hire you!

Apply strategically

Have a think about which kinds of businesses will be experiencing a boom in sales. The most obvious answer is that the retail industry will definitely experience an upward surge in demand for seasonal helpers. You may be surprised to learn that even the hospitality, catering and delivery sectors will be on the lookout for capable candidates to join their teams. 

If you have prior experience or a background in a certain industry, such as selling boutique clothes, start by applying there for a job and let your charm speak for itself. However, if you’re a novice and starting afresh- think about jobs that don’t require much experience or qualifications and send your profile there. This can range from being a kitchen helper, a sales assistant, playing the Santa mall and so much more. 

Seek the smaller fish out

how to land a christmas job

Whilst it may be tempting to just go for the large firms publishing job advertisements, let’s not forget the small to medium sized enterprises that also need you onboard to maximise customer satisfaction and drive sales. The advantage of working at smaller places is that there is more room for professional development and growth. Also, you’ll have higher chances of forming a friendly rapport with your line manager and learning more skills by working directly underneath them. 

Use your network

Put the word out amidst your family and friends that you’re on the hunt for a Christmas job and are excited to start somewhere as soon as possible. You never know whose going to help you land your next Christmas job! You may be surprised to learn what the highest paying jobs under Covid-19 are!