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Vacancy nanny-governess with accommodation.

From August 01, 2020.

Full-time. One day off per week.

Schedule 3 months work - 3 months break. (Other options are possible)

Zurich city, Switzerland.

Conditions: 3-bedroom apartment. Two bedrooms, large living room and kitchen.

(There are CCTV cameras in the parents' living room and bedroom).

The child is 2.5 years old. Boy. (01/23/18)

Parents - age 30 years old, work in the field of sports of the highest achievements (swimming / synchronized swimming).

Responsibilities: daily developmental activities with the child, walking, cooking, maintaining cleanliness in the apartment.

Requirements: experience with children, friendliness and integrity, desirable knowledge of a foreign language.

Payment: payment for moving / premises; 1,000 Swiss francs per month; nutrition; transport / mobile communication.

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Bakery • 1-10 empleados

Con nosotros desde abril, 2020

Our Bakery produces buns of our own production. We have a very polite and friendly staff. We will be happy to welcome hardworking and responsible workers.

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