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6 Ways to Kick-Ass on Your First Day at Work

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 4 min

Stressed about that first day at your new job? Not sure what to expect? Well, first of all, give yourself a huge hug and a pat on your back as you nailed that interview! Well done!

Now, the time is here to figure out how to become a total badass at your new job and score some brownie points with your boss. You may want to make a positive first impression that lasts. If you are wondering how to do this, then you are on the right page. We are going to let you in on a few of our little secrets that we hope will help you kick-ass on your first day at your awesome new job!

1. Do a Little Homework

Don’t be scared! This does not mean that you write up a 50-page report on your company, but it is more about testing your Googling skills (and a little bit of what we like to term as “healthy stalking”). Yes, we know, you are a master in that area! Google the company as if your life depends on it and check out their blog posts, their social media pages, press releases and anything else you can get your hands on.

You may have already prepped for your interviews but look for more recent happenings. Perhaps they had a bowling night out that you can inquire about (ice-breaker moment?) and learn when the next one is. It will serve as an ideal opportunity to rub shoulders with your team and to get to know them outside work. If you are going to be a barista or a bar-tender, learn the menu and prepare to demonstrate that knowledge.

2. Rise Up Early

A very wise man once said: “early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”-Benjamin Franklin. You may know him as the amazing man who helped create the United States of America and has his face on the $100 bill? We definitely heed his advice and try to rise early.

job todayIf you are not a morning person, we recommend that you lay out your clothes the night before as well as a comfortable yet smart pair of shoes. If there is a uniform, it will be given to you before your big day. Make sure it is freshly pressed and presentable. Wrinkles are a no-go! Get a good night’s sleep and have a big, hearty breakfast! Try to get to your new workplace ten minutes early and take a notepad with you.

3. Smile like Sunshine

No matter what industry you are employed in-a smile is worth a thousand words. You have the opportunity to brighten someone’s day. So, smile like sunshine and let your colleagues/customers bask in your natural warmth. Tap into your inner extrovert and introduce yourself to as many people as possible. Ask questions about their work there, their families or any other topic of mutual interest.

4. Write Down Everything

Your notepad is going to be your new best friend on your first day. Chances are you will be bombarded with information and you may want to write everything down so as to avoid feeling a little lost. It is perfectly acceptable to even note down how to punch in your timer.

job today

Ask your manager if there are any specific rules or working conditions that they want followed. The new boss will appreciate your initiative and clarify what their expectations are.

5. Break-time = Fun time!

Depending on your shift, check with your boss when you are allowed to take a break. If it is thirty minutes, stick to thirty minutes. If a colleague invites you to join them for lunch or a coffee, go for it! You can interact with your team and show them how friendly and approachable you are.

6. Wrap-Up

Your first shift is about to end and you are looking forward to a lazy evening at home with your favourite television series on Netflix with a yummy dinner. Don’t run out the minute the clock strikes 6 pm! Hang around a bit and ask your boss if there is anything else you can do. Demonstrating some flexibility will reflect well and create that positive impression you are striving for. This will especially be useful if you are using this role as a stepping stone and desire long-term career growth.

Don’t worry, you got this.

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