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Security jobs London

Security jobs in London have increased in the last few years. Security guards are often the first people any visitors to a business will see so a friendly attitude and good communication skills are essential. With security being required at many events such as football matches, gigs and festivals, it can end up being a very sociable and enjoyable job for the right person with many great opportunities. 

Security guards can: 

  • Patrol buildings and check security equipment such CCTV cameras regularly
  • Door supervision, including checking in and greeting visitors 
  • Search luggage and visitors at airports, sporting events and festivals. Some jobs will including driving in the secure transportation of money and/or goods. 
This is a basic overview and by no means an exhaustive list, the basic duties will vary depending on the type and base of the security job. To take on security jobs in London, the ideal candidate will have great communication skills, be physically fit and be a quick decision maker. Employers will carry out background checks so having a clear record will work in the applicant’s favour.  

Here are some popular roles for security jobs London:

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