Marketing Assistant Job Description Template

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What is a Marketing Assistant?

The marketing assistant is a member of the marketing department who assists the project manager in gathering insights, identifying target audiences, and developing marketing strategies. Thus, the company conducts more effective advertising campaigns, improves the quality of marketing services, and increases the number of customers.

Marketing Assistant Job Description Template

Sample Company specialises in providing quality marketing services to clients. We have been in this industry for many years and continue to expand the range of our services. We are looking for an outgoing and ambitious Marketing Assistant to join our new team of professionals. The candidate will need to collect statistics using social media and other sources of information, conduct market research, and take part in the development of strategies and advertising campaigns. The applicant must be able to generate reports and understand the basics of marketing in order to fulfill the administrative duties of their position.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collect statistics of advertising campaigns on social networks, Google, and other platforms;
  • Process analytical information and present it in the form of graphs, diagrams, and presentations to project managers;
  • Communication with business partners, receiving and processing customer orders;
  • Assisting the project manager in developing marketing strategies;
  • Determination of the target audience;
  • Help to manage our website, CRM, Social Media, Influencer and PR activities.
  • Organisation of marketing research.
  • Helping in creating assets to include in promotional materials, such as websites and brochures.
  • Assist with managing social media accounts
  • Participate in creating digital content for social media
  • Support in the delivery of experiential/promotional marketing campaigns

Skills and qualifications

  • Ability to work in a team with other colleagues;
  • A Bachelor's degree in marketing would be an advantage;
  • Experience in the marketing industry is preferred;
  • High level of communication skills to work with clients;
  • Experience with databases and spreadsheets;
  • Organisation, punctuality, accuracy, and analytical mindset.

Additional position options

  • Medical insurance;
  • Complimentary coffee, cookies, and snacks at lunchtime;
  • Gym membership
  • Company events
  • Free webinars and trainings for professional development.

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Duties and Responsibilities

A marketing assistant is first and foremost an analyst that no marketing team can do without. To launch a successful advertising campaign, an employee searches for the necessary information about the market segment and brand competitors and determines the target audience. To analyse trends, they conduct market research using questionnaires, social media surveys, and other tools. After conducting an advertising campaign, the marketing assistant must collect the results and arrange them in the form of graphs, tables, and charts using databases. Finished presentations should be shown to the project manager to analyse mistakes or highlight success. The data obtained can be used to improve the current marketing strategy. Other responsibilities include:

  • Filling out documents and spreadsheets to monitor campaign results, sales, and other data;
  • Communication with business partners;
  • Analysis of the content of the customer's competitors;
  • Compliance with standard customer privacy practices;
  • Finding and attracting potential clients;
  • Creation of reports for managers;
  • Planning, writing, and editing posts on the company's website or social networks;
  • Helping other employees of the department and performing additional tasks from the manager;
  • Prepare and review advertising material.

Skills and qualifications

Marketing companies are more likely to hire candidates with good analytics skills as this is a useful skill for most marketing assistant duties. To create high-quality advertising campaigns, an employee must be creative in order to generate fresh ideas. Communication skills, competent writing, and verbal speech will help to interact not only with customers and partners but also with other employees. The candidate needs to be able to present analytical data in a form that is easy to understand. In this way, the project manager will be able to better evaluate the effectiveness of the current marketing strategy. Other requirements include:

  • Multitasking and ability to meet deadlines;
  • Knowledge of Word, Excel, and other basic office programs;
  • Good organisational skills;
  • Fast learner;
  • Be attentive to small details;
  • Desire to move up the career ladder.

Experience requirements

Experience in marketing, sales, and services will help the applicant apply for a marketing assistant position. However, it is not always required. An employer may choose to train employees. The resume should even include experience in running your own blog, volunteering, or working with the public.

Education requirements

The candidate must have at least a high school education to apply for the Marketing Assistant position. Higher education in marketing, psychology, or social sciences would be an advantage. It will be useful for an employee to have qualifications for working in advertising, which they received through special courses.


What does a Marketing Assistant do?

The task of a marketing assistant is to improve the quality of advertising campaigns and marketing strategy in general. To do this, the employee collects statistical data, analyse them, and presents them to the manager in the form of reports. The list of duties of the employee also includes communicating with customers and finding information that will be required to complete the order.

What is a Marketing Assistant?

Companies hire marketing assistants to improve the quality of their advertising services. Such an employee performs several specific tasks, thanks to which the project manager can fine-tune advertising campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness. The worker also helps with administrative duties.

How much does a Marketing Assistant make?

The average salary for a marketing assistant at the end of 2022 in the US is approximately $46,000 per year. The amount may increase from the number of bonuses that the employee receives. Salary usually depends on the employee's qualifications and experience in the marketing industry.

Who does a Marketing Assistant work with?

The marketing assistant creates presentations and reports for the project manager. During work, the employee also interacts with the company's social media and website manager, database administrator, advertising campaign consultants, etc.