Painter Job Description Template

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What is a Painter?

The painter provides surface painting services. They are hired for painting walls, furniture, doors, and other elements of the building. An employee can work with plaster, spray, and other materials.

Painter Job Description Template

Sample Company specialises in providing customers with construction and decoration services. In connection with the expansion of the business, we are looking for a qualified painter who will paint the structures, following the client’’s instructions. The candidate must work in a team with other operators. We offer high salaries, free training, and the possibility of career growth.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Select and mix paints;
  • Use putty, plaster, and other materials;
  • Prepare scaffolding, ladders, and other equipment;
  • Hang drywall;
  • Polish the surfaces if necessary;

Skills and qualifications

  • The ability to use painting tools and equipment;
  • Experience in a similar position will be an advantage;
  • Dexterity and physical endurance;
  • Basic repair skills;
  • Good organisational and communication skills;
  • Attention to small details.

Additional position options

  • Medical insurance;
  • Free training and webinars for professional development;
  • Bonuses for highquality work;
  • Two days off per week.

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Duties and Responsibilities

Before applying the paint, the painter must prepare the materials and the environment. The employee sets up scaffolding, mixes paints, selects a brush/ application tool, varnishes, and sealants, and covers the floor and furniture with protective coatings. Using manual or automatic machinery, the worker must repair cracks, polish the walls, and choose the texture following the instructions. After painting, the painter must conduct an overview of the work performed and make sure that the workplace remains clean. Other responsibilities include:

  • Compliance with safety precautions;
  • Inventory of used paint and other resources;
  • Assessment of material costs;
  • Clean the surface during preparation and after completion of the job;
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment.

Skills and qualifications

The customer sets the schedule for which the painter must complete the task. The employee must meet the deadline and use his organisational skills to complete the order. The worker often works in a team with other painters. To effectively fulfil the order, it is necessary to have developed communication skills. The candidate must know how to mix different colours, varnishes, sealants, and other materials. Dexterity and strength are necessary to work the entire shift on a ladder or scaffolding. Other requirements include the following:

  • Creativity and accuracy;
  • Basic math knowledge;
  • Time management skills;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Provide cleanliness;
  • Ability to estimate project time and pricing.

Experience requirements

Many employers are ready to hire candidates without experience as they are ready to train new workers. However, large companies usually require several years of experience in the construction industry.

Education requirements

Job seekers can apply for the position of a painter if they have secondary education. A Bachelor’’s degree or diploma from the completion of additional courses will be an advantage for candidates.


What does a Painter do?

The painter must paint walls, ceilings, and furniture, varnish building surfaces, and fill cracks and holes with plaster or other material. The operator keeps records of the resources used and estimates the cost of fulfilling the customer's order.

What makes a good Painter?

A professional painter always completes the job on time, assists other workers, follows instructions exactly, and is capable of multitasking at the same time. They know the properties of materials very well and can choose the perfect texture for painting.

Who does a Painter work with?

If the worker works for a construction enterprise, they are usually on a team with other painters. Thus, each employee performs his task, which increases the speed and quality of the paint job. The worker reports to the project manager or the customer.

How much does a Painter make?

The average annual wage for a house painter is approximately $38,000. It depends on the degree of complexity of duties, education, and experience. If the painter is under contract, they may receive tips from the client. An employer may also pay bonuses to motivate employees.