Baker Job Description Template

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What is Baker?

The baker bakes bread, cakes, cookies, and other pastries for customers. They develop and add new recipes to the bakery's menu, decorate pastries with different ingredients, and ensure that dough and other products are prepared quickly and with high quality.

Baker Job Description Template

Sample Company owns a network of bakeries that offer customers quality service and delicious pastries. Due to business expansion, we are looking for a qualified baker with excellent culinary skills. The employee must ensure the smooth operation of the kitchen, bake bread and other food items according to recipes, and decorate the baked goods. You must be able to use the stove, oven and other baking equipment. Applicants with experience in a similar position are welcome.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Bake cakes, rolls, baguettes, cookies, and other pastries/ breads
  • Carry out maintenance of the oven, mixer, refrigerator, freezer, and other kitchen equipment
  • Maintain inventory of ingredients and replenish it
  • Follow customer orders
  • Prepare dough and decorations

Skills and qualifications

  • Knowledge of all recipes from the bakery menu
  • Experience in the culinary industry
  • Strong communication and organisational skills
  • Knowledge of effective baking techniques
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Willingness to work day and night shifts and weekends

Additional position options

  • Medical insurance
  • Two consecutive days off per week
  • Free trainings and webinars for professional development
  • Bonuses and tips

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Duties and Responsibilities

The baker prepares the bakery for opening at the start of the shift. They greet guests, take orders, recommend and sell finished products, and serve customers. The baker may coordinate with other employees if they work in a restaurant or large bakery. The main task of the baker in the kitchen is baking bread, cakes, cookies, rolls, desserts, and other dough products. While cooking, they use the oven, mixers, blenders, and other equipment. The worker must keep a record of all the resources they use for baking. If necessary, they should contact suppliers to replenish inventory. Other roles include:

  • Check the quality of baked goods
  • Make changes to the bakery menu
  • Develop new recipes
  • Decorate pastries with cream, icing, species, garnishes, etc;
  • Prepare dough
  • Clean the oven, refrigerators, freezers, and other kitchen equipment
  • Follow customer orders
  • Keep inventory records
  • Accept payments
  • Maintain cleanliness in the workplace
  • Answer questions from guests
  • Handle feedback
  • Report to the manager
  • Train new employees

Skills and qualifications

Applicants must have excellent culinary skills to work in a bakery or restaurant. The worker must know the rules for storing products, check them for freshness, and order new ingredients on time. Skilled bakers can make quality baked goods quickly. They have strong customer service skills and know how to bring new guests to the bakery. The clerk must be able to work in a team not only with chefs but also with bussers, dishwashers, etc. Other requirements include:

  • Wear a baker's uniform
  • Knowledge of all recipes from the menu
  • Strong communication and organisational skills
  • Knowledge of health, safety, and privacy policies
  • Willingness to work night shifts and weekends
  • Accuracy and multitasking
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Remain calm in a stressful environment
  • Knowledge of effective baking techniques
  • Know how to maintain kitchen equipment
  • Good customer service and time management skills
  • Agility and physical endurance

Experience requirements

Usually, employers require several years of work as a baker/ baking assistant. Candidates must be able to quickly prepare and bake dough. Job seekers with no experience can receive additional culinary education; then, they will have a chance to be hired as a baker.

Education requirements

Candidates must have at least a secondary education. A bachelor's degree in culinary or restaurant business is preferred. Diplomas in baking or cooking courses would be an advantage.


What is a Baker?

A baker is a specialist in baking bread, cakes, pastries, rolls, rolls, baguettes, croissants, and other desserts. Depending on the place of work, the employee not only work in the kitchen but also takes orders and serves guests. They may also work as a team with waiters and chefs.

What does a Baker do?

The main task of the baker is to prepare and bake the dough. They also keep the oven at the right temperature, weigh the ingredients, keep inventory records, replenish inventory, and keep the kitchen clean. When serving customers, the baker answer questions and make recommendations. To attract new guests, the baker can make changes to the menu by adding new food items.

How to become a good Baker?

A professional baker has excellent culinary skills. They quickly prepare delicious doughs, originally decorate pastries, and coordinate their duties with other staff. The skilled worker has higher education and rich experience in baking. They know what their customers like and are constantly making improvements to recipes or creating new items. To become a good baker, you must get a diploma from a specialist school or university.

How much does a Baker make?

The average annual salary for a baker is approximately $30,000. It depends on the education and experience of the employee, the number of duties, the place of work, and the number of clients. Typically, bakers receive tips from satisfied guests and bonuses from employers for high performance.