Teaching Assistant Job Description Template

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What is a Teaching Assistant?

A teaching assistant helps the teacher improve the quality of the teaching process. To do this, they develop a lesson plan and prepare the necessary material. During breaks, the teaching assistant helps students to better understand the information received during class.

Teaching Assistant Job Description Template

To optimise the learning process, we are looking for an outgoing and sociable teaching assistant. The candidate must have a high level of communication skills in order to work with children of different ages. You will need to help students better remember lesson material, prepare timetables and lesson plans, keep the classroom clean, work with documents, and replace teachers if they are absent.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Preparation of necessary materials for the lesson;
  • Asking students questions to check their knowledge;
  • Assistance in organising excursions, trips, and other events;
  • Maintaining cleanliness, and following school rules;
  • Developing a lesson plan with the teacher;
  • Preparing individual and group activities for children to help them learn.

Skills and qualifications

  • Good written and verbal communication skills;
  • Willingness to work with children;
  • Organisational and time management skills;
  • Ability to work in a team with a teacher;
  • Experience in teaching at a school or university is preferred;
  • Bachelor's Degree.

Additional position options

  • Medical insurance;
  • Free coffee and snacks during breaks;
  • Free courses and training for professional development;
  • Additional leave
  • Gym membership
  • Dedicated annual training

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Duties and Responsibilities

Companies hire teaching assistants to improve the quality of education for students. The task of the worker is to help the students understand and remember the topic of the lesson. To do this, the employee performs several duties, such as providing 1:1 or small group classes for students in need of extra help, preparing projects, and organising group classes and other events. Another part of the task is to assist the main teacher. This includes developing the lesson plan, motivating and encouraging the students and providing the necessary resources for the lesson, etc. If the teacher is unable to conduct the lesson, the assistant must conduct the lesson themselves and evaluate the work of the students. Other responsibilities include:

  • Documenting student grades;
  • Participation in the organisation of school events;
  • Communication with parents;
  • Interaction with other teachers;
  • Documenting student attendance and performance;
  • Helping students who are experiencing physical or mental problems;
  • Check and grade homework and tests.

Skills and qualifications

The candidate must have a high level of social and communication skills in order to increase the effectiveness of teaching. These skills will also come in handy when working together with colleagues and parents of students. It is important to speak English well and not make mistakes in writing. The applicant needs to be friendly and polite. The teaching assistant should be calm in a stressful environment as it may be difficult to teach some students. Patience and attentiveness are needed for organisational processes and when checking homework. Other skills for this job include:

  • High qualification in the subjects taught by the employee;
  • Planning, public speaking, and organisation skills;
  • Compliance with the rules for filling out documents;
  • Ability to endure mental stress;
  • Ability to work with spreadsheets and other simple computer programs.

Experience requirements

For teaching assistant positions, employers often hire candidates without work experience. However, teaching experience would be of advantage. It will also be helpful if the applicant has previously worked in customer service, especially if it involves children.

Education requirements

Secondary education is the minimum requirement for submitting a resume. Higher education in relevant subjects is welcomed. A candidate can attach certificates of completion of courses that are aimed at developing communication or teaching skills with the job application.


What does a Teaching Assistant do?

The main tasks of a teaching assistant are to assist the teacher in planning, organising, and conducting lessons and to help students in studying school material. The employee also needs to maintain cleanliness in the classroom, assist in organising events, and fill out documents. A highly skilled worker can replace a teacher if they fall ill. Usually, an employer promotes an employee after a few years of work.

How to become a Teaching Assistant?

A candidate for this position must have received at least a secondary education. Courses on working with children may also be useful. If the applicant has several years of service or teaching experience, it would be of great advantage.

What is a Teaching Assistant?

The teacher's assistant is part of the school staff. Their responsibilities include conducting additional student surveys during breaks or lunch to help the children memorise information from the lesson material. They also help teachers develop lesson plans, and review and grade student tests or homework.

What makes a good Assistant Teacher?

The employee must communicate politely and friendly with students, parents, and other teachers of the school. Time management skills will help you plan various events in addition to normal class activities. Students should feel confident in class and be able to achieve their potential.