Nail Technician Job Description Template

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What is Nail Technician?

A nail technician offers hand and toe nail care services. They offer clients manicures, pedicures, polishing, cleaning, cutting, and nail treatments. Clients can find nail technicians in beauty salons and spas.

Nail Technician Job Description Template

Sample Company specialises in providing cosmetic services to clients. Due to business expansion, we are looking for a qualified nail technician for one of our new beauty salons. Manicurists and pedicurists must clean, paint, polish, and treat clients' fingernails and toenails. Knowledge of how to use different materials such as acrylic, shellac, gel polish is required. Skills in nail art would be an advantage. Applicants with experience in a similar position are welcomed. We offer high salaries, tips, free training, and career opportunities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Cut and polish nails;
  • Recommend special gels and varnishes;
  • Disinfect manicure and pedicure tools;
  • Maintain cleanliness in the beauty salon;
  • Carry out cuticle care procedures;
  • Answer customer questions.

Skills and qualifications

  • Experience in cosmetology is preferred;
  • Knowledge of hygiene and safety regulations;
  • Strong communication and organisational skills;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Basic knowledge of nail treatment.

Additional position options

  • Medical insurance;
  • Free trainings and webinars for professional development;
  • Two days off per week;
  • Tips and bonuses;
  • Discounts on all services at Sample Company.

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Duties and Responsibilities

Nail technicians offer clients cosmetology services for nail care. Beauticians do manicures and pedicures, recommend different colours to clients for painting, do hand massages, and perform other procedures according to clients' orders. Before starting work, they disinfect the tools and the room. The employee is also required to answer customer questions, make recommendations, and perform some administrative tasks. Salon employees must promote various cosmetic products such as gels, varnishes, tools, acrylics, etc. Other roles include:

  • Inspect fingernails and toenails;
  • Give the nails the desired shape;
  • Use cosmetic equipment for cuticle care;
  • Maintain cleanliness in the spa;
  • Sanitise tools;
  • Keep records of inventory (varnishes, paints, gels, and other resources);
  • Remove old varnish;
  • Application of artificial nails.

Skills and qualifications

Candidates for the position of nail technician must have the skills to provide manicure and pedicure services. They have to keep up with cosmetic trends to recommend the best nail polishes to their clients. In some cases, cosmetologists must obtain a license to work in a beauty salon. Other requirements include:

  • Attention to detail;
  • Patience and concentration;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Knowledge of hygiene standards;
  • Strong customer service skills;
  • Remain calm in stressful environments;
  • Knowledge of nail treatment techniques;
  • Creative and organisational skills.

Experience requirements

Depending on the salon, employers may not require experience, as they can rain workers on the job. However, candidates with experience as a manicurist, pedicurist, or beautician are welcomed. Any customer service practice will also be an advantage.

Education requirements

Applicants must have at least a high school education. A Bachelor's degree is usually not required. Some employers are more likely to hire candidates with good knowledge of manicure and pedicure techniques. Sometimes, they welcome higher education in customer service.


What is a nail technician?

A nail technician is an employee of beauty salons, spas, or beauty centers. Some of them are self-employed. They offer clients services for the care and treatment of toenails and nails. Employees use special tools and equipment to polish, clean, cut, and paint nails. They may also perform other treatments such as hand massages.

How to become a nail technician?

A qualified nail technician is a professional beautician who knows effective manicure and pedicure techniques. They follow the trends in cosmetology and can recommend the best varnishes to clients. Manicurists have excellent communication skills, so they easily attract new clients. They can also sell matching gels, polishes, and tools.

How much does a nail technician make?

The average annual salary for a nail technician in the United States is approximately $40,000. It depends on the experience and education of the employee, working hours, and responsibilities. Salon employees also often receive tips from clients and bonuses from their employers.

What does a nail technician do?

A manicurist polishes, cleans, cuts, and paints nails, disinfects beauty equipment, massages, treats nails, and answers questions from clients. They select nail designs, polish colours, and care gels. Employees also keep the spa clean, attract new clients, and keep inventory records.