Office Manager Job Description Template

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What is an Office Manager?

An office manager, also known as an office administrator or supervisor, keeps the office running smoothly. They are in charge of various duties and responsibilities, including workspace preparation, delivery monitoring, managing the office budget, dealing with staff issues, etc. This job position is necessary for the assurance of an optimal working environment and business goals achievement. So, a job seeker must have strong time-management and organisational skills, high adaptability, and advanced communication skills.

Office Manager Job Description Template

We are looking for an organised, punctual, and creative office manager to join our friendly team at Sample Company to coordinate the office work of our staff. This person will need to organise the work process and will make sure that our team works as a well-coordinated mechanism. Our perfect candidate for the office manager job shares our values and has experience in office management and business communication skills. However, even if you do not have work experience, we are ready to interview you if you are a fast learner and have the desire for professional growth. An Associate's or Bachelor's degree in business management or communications will be advantageous for a job seeker. We expect our future office manager to take initiative and be a pro-active member within the team. If you feel that you have the skills and qualifications required for the office manager job position, get in touch with us and get your dream job!

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordination of the work of all team members.
  • Scheduling meetings and appointments.
  • Purchase of the necessary office supplies/equipment and ensuring the office equipment is in good condition.
  • Assisting senior staff members
  • General support to clients.
  • Help new hires in the adaptation and learning process of the office.

Skills and qualifications

  • Familiarity with work of office equipment (printers, laptops, and others).
  • Experienced user of office software like MS Office (MS Excel and MS Outlook, in particular).
  • Planning and organisation skills.
  • Great time management skills.
  • Enthusiastic team player.

Additional position options

  • Referral program
  • Employee discount
  • Company pension
  • Company events
  • Discounted/ free lunch
  • Gym membership

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Duties and Responsibilities

The primary duty of an office manager is to make sure that the workflow of the entire team is well-organised and aimed at business success. So, an office manager’’s primary responsibility is to maintain a comfortable working environment. The full duty and responsibility list required from jobseekers includes the following items:

  • Planning and scheduling meeting and appointments.
  • Managing databases.
  • Booking accommodation and transport.
  • Monitoring correspondence and dealing with complaints.
  • Preparing reports for the employer.
  • Inventory control of office supplies and purchase of new items.
  • Maintaining the office equipment and arranging required repairs.
  • Organising the office layout.
  • Ensuring health and safety policy.
  • Introducing newcomers to the team and organising a course of familiarisation with the new workplace.
  • General visitor assistance and brief personal data resume.
  • Control of the budget allocated for the maintenance of the office.
  • Assisting HR and financial departments by arranging interviews, procurement financial reporting, maintaining personal records, etc.
  • Maintaining contact with facility management service providers like security service, catering, cleaning and monitoring their operation.
  • Negotiating the lease of premises.
  • Planning company events like conferences and parties.
  • Adherence to the company privacy policy.
  • Junior staff recruitment and assignment.
  • Administrative task distribution.
  • Answering questions from customers/ visitors

Skills and qualifications

The office manager's job has a great influence on the team's efficiency. This job position is intended to provide support and assistance to the entire office staff. Office management includes administrative and technical support provision. Considering that the list of office manager duties and responsibilities is flexible, the list of required skills can also change depending on current job tasks. However, there are basic skills and qualifications necessary for an office manager job. Thus, it is essential for the employee who will take this job position to have a certain skill and qualification set:

  • Attention to detail and ability to work with a large amount of information.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Creativity and problemsolving skills.
  • Great verbal and written communication skills.
  • High adaptability and stress resistance.
  • Strong organisational and time management skills.
  • Budgeting skills.
  • Leadership, initiative, and relationshipbuilding skills.
  • Managerial experience (as an office manager, administrative assistant, or front office manager).
  • Excellent knowledge of the position’’s responsibilities, duties, and main procedures.
  • Proficiency in MS Office.
  • Handson experience with office equipment (computers, printers, faxes, etc.).
  • Experienced user of email scheduling tools, including Email Scheduler and Boomerang.
  • Additional qualifications in the field of management will be a plus.

Experience requirements

At Sample Company, we would like to hire for a job position of an office manager. A candidate should have at least 1 year of proven experience as an office manager, secretary, administrative assistant, or front office manager. You must be a proficient PC and office machine user. We expect a job seeker to know how to use basic office software including MS Office.

Education requirements

Our future office manager must have a High School degree. Having a Bachelor's degree in business communication, administration, finances, accounting, or other related fields will be a plus for a job seeker. However, special education is not an obligatory requirement for an office manager job position. If you have taken any advanced training courses in management or secretary, be sure to let us know.


What Does an Office Manager Do?

An office manager assures internal communication and interaction in the company and creates optimal working conditions by scheduling the workflow and providing technical maintenance of all working processes. Office managers plan meetings, conferences, and appointments, organise the office layout, cover the office needs, supervise the serviceability of the equipment, order office supplies, prepare reports, answer phone calls, guide visitors to the appointment location, post news on the company website, etc. To complete all duties required of an office manager, you need to be attentive to detail, stress-tolerant, flexible, and high-organised.

What Is an Office Manager?

An office manager is an administrator who keeps the office running smoothly. This job position includes multiple duties and responsibilities from document copying and dealing with office correspondence to budgeting for office supplies and organising company events. Office managers schedule meetings, manage the workflow, supply the office, provide customer support, assign administrative tasks to junior staff, control stocktaking procedure, report to employers, offer an optimal solution to any workflow problem, etc.

How Much Does an Office Manager Make?

The average salary of an office manager in the US varies from $70,084 to $91,264. The average monthly paycheck for the execution of office manager responsibilities is $3,738.

How to Become an Office Manager?

To become an office manager, you should have advanced administration, communication, and organisation skills. Most employers who are looking for an office manager require an Associate's or Bachelor's degree in management, communications, business, or other related fields or at least a High School degree. Companies appreciate jobseekers who took additional training courses in secretary, administration, etc. An office manager needs to have experience working with office software and equipment.