Delivery Driver Job Description Template

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What is a Delivery Driver?

The delivery driver delivers the package to the destination with the help of a vehicle. The client must be satisfied with the quality and speed of delivery, so the work involves finding the best routes to save time, as well as careful loading and driving. Depending on the type of cargo and license, the driver can use a truck or a passenger car.

Delivery Driver Job Description Template

Sample Company occupies a leading position in the manufacture of quality products in the country. Due to the improvement of our delivery business, we are looking for a delivery driver who knows how to quickly and accurately deliver packages to the customer. The employee will work in the Sample Company delivery service team. Their main task will be loading the cargo into the vehicle, arriving at the destination on time, and handing the product to the client. We offer high salaries, comfortable working conditions, and career progression opportunities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The parcel must be loaded into a vehicle and delivered to a specific address.
  • Prepare reports on delivered goods.
  • Ensure that the cargo is not damaged before and after the unloading. Note damage, if any.
  • Hand over the parcel to the customer, answer their questions, and accept payment.
  • The driver must meet the allotted time for delivery.
  • Notify the handler of the delivery service about the status of the order.

Skills and qualifications

  • Driving license for a certain type of transport.
  • Secondary education is compulsory.
  • Experience in a similar position would be an advantage.
  • High level of communication skills and time management.
  • Ability to lift a heavy load.
  • Ability to strictly follow a schedule.

Additional position options

  • Medical insurance;
  • Free coffee/snacks during breaks;
  • Free trainings for professional development;
  • Opportunity to move up the career ladder to the position of Delivery Manager.

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Duties and Responsibilities

Companies hire delivery drivers so that customers can quickly receive their post. The main tasks of the employee include loading the cargo onto the truck with a forklift, searching the best route to deliver the package as soon as possible, and unloading the goods. After unloading, the employee is obliged to fill out the necessary documents, having received the signature of the customer. If an employee has demonstrated a high level of service by delivering the shipment quickly and without damage, they may receive a tip. Other responsibilities include:

  • Accept payment from the client;
  • Maintain cleanliness in transport;
  • Keep records of delivered goods;
  • Generate reports on the work performed for the delivery manager;
  • Get customer feedback;
  • Coordination with the dispatcher, warehouse worker, handler, manager, and other staff;
  • Carry out an inspection of the machine at the beginning of the shift.

Skills and qualifications

The delivery driver must have a valid driver's license to drive a truck or other vehicle. The ability to operate a forklift would be an advantage. The candidate must be able to use a navigator to optimise delivery routes. Since some of an employee's responsibilities involve interacting with customers, the worker must have a high level of communication skills. The driver must communicate politely with the client, answer their questions, and behave calmly in a stressful environment. Other requirements include:

  • Ability to meet deadlines;
  • Be careful when transporting goods;
  • Be able to work with a database and spreadsheets for accounting;
  • Be strong enough to load and unload heavy items during the shift;
  • Multitasking, customer focus, and good organisational skills;
  • Be able to work in a team with delivery staff.

Experience requirements

It is usually not required. However, applicants with experience in this position may be able to get a higher-paying job or be promoted faster. Experience in customer service or warehouse operations is preferred.

Education requirements

Companies usually require secondary education from candidates. A Bachelor's degree in logistics would be an advantage. Additional courses or other educational programs may be useful if they are related to customer service or the transportation of special cargo or resources.


How much does a delivery driver make?

At the beginning of 2023, a delivery driver earns almost $39,000 on average. An employee may have a higher or lower salary depending on the workload, the complexity of the work, education, and experience. The employee also receives a tip if they perform their duties well.

What does a delivery driver do?

The main task of the delivery driver is to follow the optimal route to quickly reach the destination and deliver the package to the customer. The employee must also load and unload goods, accept payment, and generate a report to the manager.

Who does the delivery driver work with?

The employee works in a team with a handler, a warehouse worker, a logistics specialist, an engineer, a delivery manager, a dispatcher, a packer, and other delivery service personnel. When the worker arrives at the destination, they must hand over the package to the client, answer their questions, and receive payment.

What makes a good Delivery Driver?

A professional delivery driver always delivers the goods on time, following the schedule. A qualified employee knows how to drive a truck without damaging the goods. They communicate politely with customers and accurately keep records. A good employee can receive tips from customers and bonuses from the employer.