Retail Manager Job Description Template

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What is a Retail Manager?

The Retail Manager manages the overall processes in the store. They hire and train employees, keep records of the store's income and expenses, perform marketing events, and search for suppliers to increase sales and optimise costs.

Retail Manager Job Description Template

Sample Company owns a chain of large shops. Due to business expansion, we are looking for a qualified Retail Manager. The worker must ensure high-quality customer service, fulfil the sales plan, and manage staff and resources. The candidate must be able to communicate with business partners and suppliers, develop a strategy, and keep records of income and expenses. We offer high salaries, bonuses, and career opportunities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage store budget;
  • Hire and train employees;
  • Supervise marketing operations;
  • Prepare financial reports;
  • Oversee product pricing;
  • Replenish inventory regularly.

Skills and qualifications

  • Experience in a similar position would be an advantage;
  • Good organisational and communication skills;
  • Be a leader and work in a team with other employees;
  • Marketing and financial accounting skills;
  • Higher education in the field of retail is welcome;
  • Strong sales skills.

Additional position options

  • Free training and webinars for professional development;
  • Discounts to all stores owned by Sample Company
  • Two days off per week;
  • Bonuses for exceeding the sales target.

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Duties and Responsibilities

The main task of a retail manager is to develop an effective sales strategy. They must find and hire qualified employees, organise training for them, and establish a schedule for their shifts. The worker also needs to handle feedback from customers to provide quality service to buyers. Another important responsibility of a retail supervisor is to control shop resources. It is necessary to replenish inventory on time, minimise costs, and establish contacts with suppliers. To increase sales, a worker can run advertising campaigns to attract new customers. Other roles include:

  • Answer the questions and complaints of customers;
  • Fulfil monthly sales plans;
  • Conduct an overview of the purchased goods;
  • Manage the schedule of the store;
  • Optimise budget expenditure;
  • Ensure the implementation of service standards;
  • Oversee the cleanliness of the store;
  • Track sales trends;
  • Maintain privacy policy.

Skills and qualifications

The retail sales manager must have strong leadership skills to motivate staff. They must have good numeracy skills to ensure the financials of the store are correct. Communication skills are useful for communicating with customers, employees, and business partners. The employee must be able to plan events to ensure the smooth running of operations in the store. Other requirements include:

  • Ability to keep inventory records;
  • Strong interpersonal skills;
  • Commercial awareness;
  • Excellent customer service skills;
  • Keep calm in a stressful environment;
  • The ability to be a leader.

Experience requirements

Usually, the employer requires several years of work experience as a seller or assistant retail manager. Experience in the field of customer service, sales, or accounting is also welcome. A candidate without experience can also apply for a job.

Education requirements

Higher education in business, marketing, or HR will be an advantage for the applicant. A diploma in additional courses is welcome. Candidates who graduated from school can also be hired and trained on the job.


What is a Retail Manager?

The retail manager supervises all operations in the store. They evaluate and hire new employees, manage the budget, audit inventory, and create marketing events. An experienced employee not only meets but also exceeds sales goals.

What does a Retail Manager do?

The worker develops strategies to increase store sales, performs staff recruiting and management, replenishes inventory, and collaborates with suppliers. The retail sales manager must respond to customer complaints to improve the quality of the service. They also need to develop a system to motivate shop employees to improve their performance.

How much does a Retail Manager make?

The median annual salary for a retail manager is approximately $54,000. Candidates need to understand that this amount is highly dependent on store sales. The more successfully an employee oversees the store, the more they earn. The employer also provides a higher-paying position to candidates with work experience and higher education.

How to be a good Retail Manager?

A professional retail sales supervisor knows how to attract new customers through advertising campaigns and quality service. Their team are always motivated and works effectively throughout the entire shift. The manager regularly replenishes stocks and increases sales.