Receptionist Job Description Template

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What is a Receptionist?

A receptionist greets a customer/partner as they are entering the office, hotel, medical centre, or any other institution. Receptionists also help with sorting and distributing correspondence, scheduling meetings, assisting staff, managing communication with facility services, answering customers’’ questions, and may even perform duties and responsibilities similar to office managers or administrative assistants.

Receptionist Job Description Template

We are looking for a dedicated and welcoming receptionist to join our team. If you are looking for a global team with a chance to work abroad, then this is the perfect role for you. We provide a competitive salary and many career opportunities. Sample Company is well-known for its inviting atmosphere and impeccable customer service. As you will be the first point of contact for our customers, we hope to find the perfect receptionist as the friendly face of the company. Your daily responsibilities will include welcoming visitors and giving them general support, answering and forwarding phone calls, dealing with correspondence, and running errands. We want our receptionist to be attentive and supportive to every client and partner who happens to be a visitor in our office. Previous experience as a receptionist is preferred, but the desire to develop is even more important. Even if you do not meet all our receptionist job position requirements but are a fast learner, we encourage you to apply for this position!

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Greeting clients and helping them with their requests
  • Planning appointments
  • Arranging couriers
  • Dealing with incoming calls and correspondence
  • Maintaining the office with the necessary supplies and services (security, cleaning, etc.).

Skills and qualifications

  • Great communication
  • Organisation and time-management
  • Being able to deal with high-stress situations
  • Proficient user of Microsoft Office
  • Experienced user of office equipment (printer, etc.).

Additional position options

  • Yearly bonus
  • Private medical insurance
  • Gym membership
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Global Company events

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Duties and Responsibilities

The main task of a receptionist is to ensure a warm welcome to customers and provide them with all the necessary information. Additionally, receptionists are responsible for the optimised communication between clients and the company and the proper execution of company procedures. The duty and responsibility list a receptionist should handle includes:

  • Greeting customers with a warm and helpful attitude
  • Providing information of interest to the client
  • Directing the client to the meeting point or an appropriate employee
  • Helping guests in finding their way around the office
  • Notifying the arrival of the customer
  • Making, answering, and forwarding incoming phone calls
  • Dealing with correspondence
  • Receiving, sorting, and distributing daily mail/deliveries
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Calendar updating
  • Maintaining contact with facility services like cleaning and security service
  • Preparing meeting rooms and provision of the appointment results resume
  • Keeping the reception area clean and presentable to attract customers
  • Providing the reception desk with all the necessary stationery
  • Ordering and keeping inventory in stock
  • Maintaining visitor logs
  • Working with office equipment (printing, copying, faxing, etc.)
  • Planning work trips, booking hotels and tickets, preparing vouchers, etc.
  • Helping in the maintenance of workplace safe by issuing and checking badges
  • Dealing with the junior administrative staff (managing and developing new workers)
  • Preparation of an updated overview of industry news from different resources for the senior management
  • Performing ad-hoc administrative tasks.

Skills and qualifications

Receptionists are expected to have extensive knowledge of the company's services and structure and strong management skills. One of the most essential traits required for a receptionist job is a sincere desire to help clients and the ability to represent the company in a profitable way. A receptionist has to be stress tolerant and organised. The skill and qualification list necessary for the receptionist job:

  • Work experience as a receptionist, hostess, front office representative, or any other similar position
  • High school degree
  • Bachelor’’s degree in management, communications, or any other related field
  • Additional training in office management will be a plus
  • Knowledge of a foreign language will be a plus
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Skilled user of office equipment (fax machine, printer, etc.)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Professional attitude and presentable attire
  • Punctuality
  • Organisational skills
  • Readiness for multitasking
  • High adaptability
  • Attention to detail and ability to work with a large amount of information

Experience requirements

At Sample Company, we are looking for a specialist with at least 1-year of work experience as a receptionist. However, we are also ready to interview candidates who have a proven work experience as a front office representative, office manager, hostess, and any other similar job position. It is necessary for the applicant to be experienced in the use of Microsoft Office programs and other office software. Also, a job seeker should have hands-on experience in using office equipment.

Education requirements

We expect to hire a professional with a High school degree. Although this is not a mandatory requirement for this job, it will be a plus if you have a Bachelor’’s diploma in management, finances, communications, or another similar field. In addition, we encourage applicants who have taken training courses in office administration.


What Is a Receptionist?

The receptionist is an employee who acts as a support administrator. Receptionists communicate with customers by text, phone or email and meet office guests at the reception desk; directing them to the right team member who can help them and guide visitors if necessary. In addition, it is essential for a receptionist to have strong organisational responsibilities as their duties include meeting and appointment planning, ticket booking, calendar updating, supplying the office with stationery, helping the recruiting manager in hiring new junior staff, report preparing, corporate blog and app promoting, recruit webinars preparing, industry news reviews preparing, etc.

How Much Does a Receptionist Make?

The salary level of a receptionist in the USA depends on their work experience. If you have no experience, you can expect to receive $15 as an hourly rate. Workers with 1-3 years of experience receive from $15.60 to $17 per hour. Candidates with experience of 5 years or more can qualify for an hourly rate of around $19.

What Does a Receptionist Do?

A receptionist’’s main role is to ensure a warm welcome to office guests and helps them get the information they need or find the right specialist. Moreover, the receptionist is responsible for communicating with customers via phone or email, keeping the reception desk presentable, making plans for meetings, maintaining office stationary supply, ensuring client privacy policy, helping HR managers to recruit workers, visitors’’ documents check, and assisting colleagues in the execution of various administrative tasks. Receptionists are the first company representatives who greet visitors.

How Much Does a Medical Receptionist Make?

In the USA, the average hourly rate for medical receptionists is $15.49.