Barback Job Description Template

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What is a Barback?

Barback is the right hand of the bartender. They keep the bar running smoothly at hospitality and entertainment venues, such as restaurants, events, catering halls and clubs. They stock the bar, keep it clean, organise deliveries, and assist the other bar staff. Having gained experience, a barback can become a professional bartender.

Barback Job Description Template

Sample Company is a company that specialises in the restaurant and hotel business. We are looking for a sociable and friendly barback who will work as a team with our bartender in one of our hotels. The candidate must be ready to help with replenishing drinks, cleaning the bar, and taking customer orders. You will also need to learn how to prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from the bar menu. Candidates must be willing to work night shifts and weekends.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Remove rubbish and clean the bar counter area
  • Check the level of the drink in bottles and, if necessary, replace them with new ones.
  • Check the location of bottles on the shelves and ensure that their labels are clean and always visible.
  • Prepare ingredients for a cocktail: from sugar syrup to ice.
  • Wash and check glasses and put away scratched and broken dishes.
  • Assist the bartender with any tasks to be completed.

Skills and qualifications

  • Minimum secondary education. Higher education in the catering industry or certificates of completion of special courses will be an advantage.
  • Legally allowed to serve alcohol, 18+.
  • Know the ingredients and characteristics of beer, wine, spirits, and other alcoholic drinks and cocktails.
  • Be courteous when processing a guest's order.
  • Be able to work in a team with the bartender and support them for the stable operation of the bar.
  • Have the physical ability to carry a keg, glassware, etc. from bar opening to closing.

Additional position options

  • Accommodation in the hotel where the restaurant is located.
  • Free food and drinks during your shift.
  • Discounts in all our hotels, bars, and restaurants.
  • Two consecutive days off per week.
  • Invitations to all holidays and other events for Sample Company employees.

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Duties and Responsibilities

Barback works to optimise bar performance. While the bartender is busy taking customer orders, mixing cocktails, and pouring beer, the barback performs the tasks of tending the bar, providing their colleague with all the necessary resources such as clean glassware and towel, napkin, straws, ice, etc. The employee must keep the bar clean, take out the rubbish from the bin, help process guests' orders, and in other ways support the restaurant staff. The barback must ensure that there are always full bottles on the bar shelves. It is necessary to carry beer kegs, change bottles of wine, and prepare ingredients for a cocktail. Among other important functions of the barback are:

  • Check the beer taps are not broken and repair them, if possible.
  • Prepare side dishes
  • Sweep and wash the floors in the warehouse and in the bar.
  • Remove dirty glasses, wipe the bar counter, and clean the fridge.
  • Help the bartender take orders, answer customer questions, and make recommendations.
  • If necessary, help the waiters/waitresses in serving the table and process the guest's payment.
  • Quickly solve situations such as cleaning broken dishes or replacing nonworking equipment.
  • Keep an eye on the availability of fruits, peanuts, and other fresh ingredients for juice or an alcoholic drink in the bar.

Skills and qualifications

A high level of communication skills will come in handy for a barback while serving guests. Barbacks need to be able to cope with stressful situations and confidently answer questions from visitors. A mandatory requirement for employment is to reach the minimum age for serving alcohol (18+). Other requirements include:

  • Ability to work in a team with a bartender, server, and other staff.
  • Multitasking.
  • Learn varieties of wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, etc.
  • Be prepared to work night shifts or during holidays.
  • Be physically fit to lift kegs and carry several bottles and glassware.
  • Fast learner.
  • Wear the uniform for the restaurant staff.
  • Be able to use a computer and carry out simple calculations.
  • Have a good memory to learn the bar menu.

Experience requirements

Sample Company does not have a strict barback job experience requirement. However, experience in a bar, restaurant, or hotel would be an advantage. If an employee works well in a team, shows responsibility, and shows an interest in the hospitality industry- career advancements will be quick.

Education requirements

Barbacks normally require secondary education. However, some top restaurants may require a higher education degree in hospitality. Diplomas of successful completion of courses in the field of service will attract the attention of employers to the candidate's resume.


What is a Barback?

Barback is the second employee of the bar who helps to improve the customer service procedure. In order to receive a high salary and tips, an employee must ensure efficient service at the bar. To do this, they will need to clean the workplace and restock the bar inventory but occasionally may take some orders from diners, answer their questions about the menu and set the table. For the restaurant to work perfectly, the barback must work as a team with the bartender, server and manager.

What does a Barback do?

Although the barback is considered a bartender's assistant, their duties include a large number of tasks that require endurance, accuracy, and sociability. The position of a barback includes cleaning the bar and the warehouse with drinks, filling bottles with alcohol, juices, sodas, and other liquids, filling a container with ice, and restocking straws, fruits, and other ingredients. In addition, the barback can take orders from customers, answer questions, help the waiter clean the table, and process payments.

How much does a Barback make?

On average, a barback earns $12.5 an hour. This varies depending on, the employer, place of work, and the number of shifts. In addition, employees can receive tips. The work of a barback can be highly appreciated if they have a higher education in the field of catering, completed additional courses, and/or has experience working in a bar, cafe, or restaurant.

What makes a good Barback?

To get this position, you need to be punctual (always be on time for the start of the shift), physically strong (as you will have to lift kegs), polite when communicating with the guest, and be able to work as a team with the bartender and waiter/waitress. It is also worth learning in advance the popular varieties of beer, wine, spirits and other drinks, as well as the features of preparing some cocktails. If the barback can organise their work well and be responsible for the assigned tasks, after a while, they can be promoted to bartender.