Bar Manager Job Description Template

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What is a Bar Manager?

The bar manager works in a restaurant, cafe, and other catering establishments. They develop the bar's schedule, organise training sessions for the bartender and other staff, and oversee the inventory of beverages and ingredients. Managers do everything to ensure that the bar operates smoothly and offers the best quality of service to customers.

Bar Manager Job Description Template

The Sample Company owns a chain of the best bars in the industry. Due to business expansion, we are looking for a sociable bar manager who will manage the staff and fulfil the sales plan. The candidate must be ready to recruit and train new employees, keep track of inventory in the warehouse, and process guest feedback. Applicants with work experience are welcome. We offer high salaries + tips, comfortable working conditions, and career opportunities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Contact suppliers for restocking;
  • Manage the bar budget;
  • Meeting the sales target;
  • Control the quality of the bartender's work;
  • Solve problems with clients;
  • Planning and organisation of promotional campaigns;
  • Make changes to the bar menu.

Skills and qualifications

  • Higher education in management or restaurant business is welcome;
  • Excellent communication and organisational skills;
  • Willingness to work weekends and night shifts;
  • Ability to bartend and know the ingredients of beverages;
  • Remain calm in a stressful environment;
  • Ability to work with spreadsheets and databases.

Additional position options

  • Free training for professional development;
  • Free meals during breaks;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Opportunities to be promoted to the restaurant manager.

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Duties and Responsibilities

One of the main tasks of a bar manager is staff management. The employee will create work schedules for the barista, server, and barback. It is also necessary to organise courses and training for employees to improve the quality of their work. If necessary, the manager must hire new employees. Another duty is to work as a supervisor for all operations in the bar. The manager must keep a record of inventory in the warehouse and communicate with suppliers on time to replenish inventory. An employee needs to work with dissatisfied customers, collect feedback, and maintain an efficient work environment. Other responsibilities include:

  • Sign contracts with business partners;
  • Maintain accounting records;
  • Add new drinks to the menu;
  • Supervise the maintenance of cleanliness in the bar;
  • Answer customer questions;
  • Purchase new equipment and decor elements for the bar;
  • Make sure the liquors are of good quality.

Skills and qualifications

The manager must understand the features of working in a bar and have basic knowledge of mixology. Communication and interpersonal skills are necessary for communication with staff, customers, suppliers, etc. Organisational skills are necessary for the candidate to fulfil the sales plan. The employee must develop promotional offers to attract new customers. A candidate for the position of bar manager must learn the menu and know the rules for the safe storage of food. Other requirements include the following:

  • Ability to create unique offers for clients;
  • Ability to work with a computer to keep records of bar resources;
  • Knowledge of safety and hygiene regulations and privacy policy;
  • Properly manage the budget; Basic knowledge of HR;
  • Be able to work in a team with a bartender and a barback;
  • Physical ability to carry heavy items.

Experience requirements

The employer usually requires several years of experience in a restaurant, pub, or bar. Candidates without customer service experience may also be hired by smaller companies.

Education requirements

Secondary education is a mandatory requirement to apply. While many employers prefer on-the-job training for new hires, a college degree in management, catering, hospitality, or the service industry would be an advantage. Diplomas of completion of additional courses or training are welcome.


How to be a Bar Manager?

To become a qualified bar manager, you need to gain knowledge and experience in mixing drinks. The candidate must be able to manage staff members, attract new customers, and conclude contracts with suppliers. Higher education or special courses will help to obtain the necessary skills.

What does a Bar Manager do?

The employee must schedule the work of waiters and bartenders to ensure that the bar runs quickly and efficiently. They must ensure that drinks, ingredients, glasses, and equipment are always in the inventory. The employee also schedules meetings, develops customer promotional offers, and hires new bar employees.

Who does a Bar Manager report to?

The bar manager reports to the bar owner or restaurant manager. If the institution belongs to a large company, the employee also reports to the senior manager. The bar also employs a bartender, barback, waiter, accountant, and other workers.

What makes a good Bar Manager?

A professional employee has excellent communication and organisational skills. They plan events, search and hire qualified staff, purchase products on time, and use the budget efficiently. A good bar manager keeps the establishment running smoothly, finds ways to attract new customers, and can handle stressful situations.